Developing and Delivering Diversity and Inclusion Training


The cornerstone of effective diversity training is ensuring that management and employees have an experience that raises awareness, changes behaviors, and does not reinforce stereotypes and biases. Increasingly, when diversity training is developed improperly, it is fraught with legal risk and may cause backlash. This interactive course enhances your skill in developing and delivering diversity training by exploring:

  • Methods for identifying and planning diversity training needs
  • Training techniques, models, and ideas that get diversity messages across
  • Delivery skills critical for successful diversity training and information dissemination

Key Topics

  • Diversity awareness training
  • Training needs assessment
  • Diversity skills training
  • Deciding whether training is the right intervention
  • Building support for training and minimizing resistance
  • Developing the training plan
  • Selecting the trainers: working through diversity issues at the individual level
  • Inclusive training practices
  • Avoiding backlash
  • Dealing effectively with the difficult issues (e.g., race, gender, sexual orientation, unearned privilege)
  • Avoiding the blame game
  • Legal issues in diversity training
  • Using instructional tools, overheads, PowerPoint, etc.
  • Online diversity training
  • Evaluating success and minimizing failure
  • Emerging issues in diversity training
  • Managing training consultants

Special Features

Delivery and critique of a training plan; delivery of a diversity training module; training demonstrations, application sessions, and critique

Who Will Benefit

HR, EEO/AA, diversity managers, consultants, and anyone with responsibility for training