Effective Diversity and Inclusion Councils


The effectiveness of diversity councils varies considerably from organization to organization, and there is no consistent approach to making them work. The effective use and application of a diversity council strategy is one of the critical challenges and opportunities facing organizations. This workshop will examine:

  • How to position your diversity council for success
  • The best practices in diversity council formation and operation

Key Topics

  • Forming effective diversity councils
  • Diversity council membership: who to include and why
  • Core competencies of effective diversity councils
  • A strategic approach to assessing membership in the long and short term
  • From council member to diversity advocate: a step-by-step approach
  • Privileges and disadvantages of membership
  • Energizing existing diversity councils
  • Enlisting the support of the entire organization
  • Functioning as a productive member
  • Setting expectations for diversity councils
  • Accountability for diversity councils
  • Training diversity council members
  • Charting the progress of dynamic councils
  • The need for a strategic approach to diversity council formation and governance

Special Features

  • Case study and application
  • Best practices in diversity council development and operation

Who Will Benefit

EEO, AA, diversity, and other HR specialists with diversity responsibility; members of diversity councils; members of councils that are losing steam; diversity consultants; anyone who wants to know how to make councils work