Generational Diversity


For the first time in U.S. history, the workplace will be teeming with four generations of employees. Americans are living longer and working longer than ever before. The vast diversity in the ages of workers will bring many opportunities and challenges. Are you ready to maximize the talent of your millennials and Generation X employees while using the experience of your baby boomers and matures? Are your baby boomers prepared to be managed by millennials? Does your organization have a strategy for retention and succession planning that considers the unique needs of each generation? Is your communications strategy good enough to reach all those who need to hear it? This workshop will examine:

  • The unique characteristics and perspectives of the four generations
  • The essentials of communicating with the four generations
  • A strategy to maximize the talents of each generation

Key Topics

  • The history behind what makes each generation unique
  • How to maximize the productivity of each generation by:
    • Creating an inclusive work environment
    • Understanding perspectives
    • Providing appropriate work–life balance
    • Understanding career goals and retirement issues
  • Develop business strategy to utilize the generations in the workplace and marketplace by examining:
    • Internal vs external messaging
    • Company loyalty
    • Succession planning
    • Skills transfer

Special Features

  • Case study
  • Job aids
  • Action planning
  • Skills practice

Who Will Benefit

Anyone who works in a diverse workplace and needs to improve their understanding of generational differences