Inclusive Diversity and Inclusion Talent Management (DV227)

Infuse talent management recruiting, on-boarding and retention with new ways to look, think and communicate through applying a strategic approach to diversity and inclusion. To ensure these results, organizations need to go beyond traditional views of talent management to broadened perspective that aligns the business, talent management and diversity and inclusion strategies. The workshop will discuss and examine:

  • A systemic approach to recruiting, on- boarding and retention.
  • Tools for identifying organizational gaps and gains
  • Methods to connect recruiting to business accountability
  • Strategies for impacting employee engagement through on-boarding and retention

Key Topics

  • Understanding talent management as the outcome of recruiting, on-boarding and retention
  • Identifying strategic practices, challenges and opportunities of recruiting and retention
  • Identifying the business drivers for talent management
  • Recognizing the impact and influence of unconscious bias on talent management
  • Identifying and engaging stakeholders
  • Aligning the business, talent management and diversity and inclusion strategies
  • Ways to identify and measure the gaps
  • Future challenges for diversity and inclusion  talent management
  • Reviewing and furthering the recruitment preparation, sourcing, screening, interviewing and hiring process
  • Examining and advancing performance management, mentoring, succession planning, policies, practices and systems that influence recruitment, retention and on-boarding
  • Developing a balanced approach to quantitative and qualitative measurement

Special Features

Interactive exercises, Simulation case study, Application Learning Plan

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Lolita Chandler

Lolita Chandler, President, The Chandler Group, Inc., an executive resource company, combines her years of experience promoting diversity and multiculturalism in education and business to offer coaching and consulting services in diversity development to business, education, and not-for-profit organizations. Ms. Chandler recently served as the director of diversity for Avon Products.

Cathy Woods Bristow

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