Fundamentals of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives (DV221)

For at least the last two decades, organizations across America have implemented programs and strategies designed to help them manage and leverage D&I more effectively. Launching and sustaining an initiative requires strategic planning and sound methodology. This course provides a proven step-by-step process for initiating or revitalizing your diversity and Inclusion Initiative by exploring:

  • The need for articulating a clear link between diversity and organizational performance
  • How to use key change drivers to assess, and guide the launch of D&I Initiatives
  • D&I as an organizational development (OD) intervention
  • Key competencies for assessing and optimizing the effectiveness of your D&I strategy

    Key Topics

    • The historical evolution of Diversity and Inclusion and the implications for designing and implementing D & I Initiatives
    • Diversity and Inclusion initiative as a systemic change process
    • Developing conceptual clarity about D & I and level-setting meaning in the organization
    • Cultivating allies: the role of senior leaders line management, the Diversity leader and employees
    • Developing and clearly articulating the business rationale linked to vision, mission and values
    • Readiness for D&I – four organizational environments: monoculture, compliant, multicultural and inclusive
    • Core skills and competencies of the D&I leader
    • Selecting and managing external consultants
    • Legal issues related to D&I initiatives
    • Organizational assessments

    Special Features

    Case study and application: Highly interactive exercises: Ability to learn best practices from other organizations and networking opportunities


    Lolita Chandler

    Lolita Chandler, President, The Chandler Group, Inc., an executive resource company, combines her years of experience promoting diversity and multiculturalism in education and business to offer coaching and consulting services in diversity development to business, education, and not-for-profit organizations. Ms. Chandler recently served as the director of diversity for Avon Products.

    Cathy Woods Bristow

    Cathy Woods Bristow, President of Bridges, is a management consultant offering professional support to organizations in facilitation, teambuilding, and diversity strategies.  She has corporate experience that includes, contract negotiations, creating and delivering industrial, managerial and diversity training. She has been a contributing author in two publications.  Additionally, she has held executive roles as both a human resource generalist and an international quality director and, most recently, Vice President of Global Diversity for an international financial services company.  Her company specializes in gender and racial challenges within organizations.  Ms.  Bristow's primary interest is developing coalitions that result in the empowerment of the poor and disadvantaged.  Ms. Bristow holds an MBA from Pepperdine University and a BS from Wheelock College. 

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