Effective Employee Resource Groups (DV120)

Employee Resource Groups (ERG's/Affinity groups) have emerged in the workplace as a standard component of diversity & inclusion initiatives.  For many organizations, the benefits of ERG's have evolved over time from the primary intent - to provide a forum in which members of an organization who share common interests, issues, or concerns meet to address those issues - to multifaceted benefits that impact the organizations strategic diversity & inclusion efforts in recruitment, retention, marketing, customer relations and the bottom line.  

This workshop will examine:

  • Fundamentals of ERG's
  • The best practices for ERG's
  • The top characteristics common among high-functioning ERG's

Key Topics

  • Core competencies of effective ERG's
  • Drivers of successful ERG's
  • Strategic approach to ERG formation and governance
  • Emerging ERG's
  • Setting expectations for ERG's
  • Building an Effective ERG Team and allies
  • Productive relationships with diversity councils
  • Enlisting the support of the entire organization
  • Functioning as a productive member
  • Sustaining membership
  • Energizing your ERG's
  • Assessing effectiveness of ERG's in the long and short term

Special Features

  • An invaluable resource for managing ERG's

Who Will Benefit

Diversity & Inclusion professionals, members of ERG's, EEO, AA, HR and other professionals with responsibilities relating to diversity & inclusion or creating ERG's

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David Ciliberto

David Ciliberto, Founder, David Ciliberto Enterprises, is an independent human resources consultant with over 20 years of experience in human resources. Mr. Ciliberto focuses on diversity and inclusion, learning and development, management coaching and career transition. He has held roles at financial services firms including UBS, Credit Suisse, HSBC, The Prudential and American Express. Additionally, Mr. Ciliberto has consulted with and has done speaking engagements for ION Media, The Howard Center, VT., CUNY, Montclair State University and Jennifer Brown Consulting. In addition to his Adjunct Instructor role at Cornell ILR, he works part time at Partners International as the SVP of Client Services and Career Transition.

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