Effective Employee Resource Groups (DV120)

Employee Resource Groups (ERG's/Affinity groups) have emerged in the workplace as a standard component of diversity & inclusion initiatives.  For many organizations, the benefits of ERG's have evolved over time from the primary intent - to provide a forum in which members of an organization who share common interests, issues, or concerns meet to address those issues - to multifaceted benefits that impact the organizations strategic diversity & inclusion efforts in recruitment, retention, marketing, customer relations and the bottom line.  

This workshop will examine:

  • Fundamentals of ERG's
  • The best practices for ERG's
  • The top characteristics common among high-functioning ERG's

Key Topics

  • Core competencies of effective ERG's
  • Drivers of successful ERG's
  • Strategic approach to ERG formation and governance
  • Emerging ERG's
  • Setting expectations for ERG's
  • Building an Effective ERG Team and allies
  • Productive relationships with diversity councils
  • Enlisting the support of the entire organization
  • Functioning as a productive member
  • Sustaining membership
  • Energizing your ERG's
  • Assessing effectiveness of ERG's in the long and short term

Special Features

  • An invaluable resource for managing ERG's

Who Will Benefit

Diversity & Inclusion professionals, members of ERG's, EEO, AA, HR and other professionals with responsibilities relating to diversity & inclusion or creating ERG's

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