Reinventing Your Career: The Practice and Profession of Dispute Resolution (DR101)

Designed as the preliminary module, this program sets the foundation for building a viable career as a neutral. Throughout two days, we explore the nature of self-employment and development of your future practice, with the long-term goal of helping you to build a business plan that will launch your career. Upon completion, you will be far better able to focus your interests and select those electives that align with your career interests.

We start by exploring the evolving profession of Mediators, targeting employment in the commercial, international and employment areas. From there, we explore the evolving profession of commercial and employment Arbitrators. Finally, we will explore careers in other less-known neutral roles such as conflict coaching, conflict diagnostics, conducting investigations, fact-finding, ombudsman, facilitation, dispute systems design, and serving as a hearing officer. Woven into the curriculum is an examination of entry qualifications, marketing tips, setting fees, office logistics, and finding work in the federal and private sectors.

This program will be highly participative with significant time for answering questions. The instructors are Richard Fincher and Rocco Scanza. Richard Fincher is a full-time mediator and arbitrator of commercial and employment litigation. He is a Member of the National Academy of Arbitrators, a Cornell alumni, and long-standing Instructor at the Scheinman Institute. Rocco Scanza is the Executive Director of the Scheinman Institute, a former National Vice President of the American Arbitration Association and an active mediator, arbitrator and author.


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