Human Resource Essentials


  • Advance your contribution to the business as an HR professional
  • Learn how to adapt to the changing world of HR through strategic approaches
  • Receive instruction with practical, actionable insights from experienced practitioners

Unleash the Power of HR

Build comprehensive knowledge and skills in essential HR fundamentals—from talent acquisition to total rewards. Practice demonstrating HR’s value and executing business-centric practices through case exercises and simulations. And glean insight from peers with the opportunity to network across a wide range of business sectors.

Receive this certificate by completing two (2) mandatory workshops and three (3) elective workshops.


HR professionals who need to learn or refresh their knowledge and skills in the basic components of human resources and employee relations.

Core curriculum

2-day workshop New York, NY$1495.00

Fundamentals of Human Resources

Understand the key role HR plays in your organization for driving performance and productivity. Learn to successfully support clients, develop HR competencies, optimize practices and influence business results. Learning is gained and reinforced through case studies and group activities.

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3-day workshop New York, NY$1995.00

Human Resources and the Law

Gain insights on preventing, identifying and managing employee issues that have potential legal concerns. This comprehensive and interactive workshop includes up-to-date information on employment laws and cases defining employer-employee rights and obligations, and practical implications of laws in day-to-day HR operations (e.g., discrimination, compensation and benefits). Current legal issues are highlighted, including a module on social media and privacy.

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This certificate requires the completion of three elective workshops of your choice.

Suggested Electives

Bridging the Generation Gap

Communicate more effectively and respectfully in a multi-generational workplace while leveraging differences to build stronger work relationships. Become more open to learning and understanding why these differences exist. Prepare to change your mindset and use new ways of communicating with others. Learn to avoid making age-based assumptions that diminish both respect and trust.

1-day workshop New York, NY

Effective Employee Relations

Examine proactive initiatives and policy implementation that guide successful ER. Learn techniques for conducting effective conversations and managing performance issues. Practice communication skills and explore working styles and sources of conflict.

2-day workshop New York, NY

Emotional Intelligence: An Edge for Leaders

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the ability to harness emotions in sensing, understanding and responding adeptly to social cues in the surrounding environment. It has grown to be a better predictor of success than IQ. Measure your current EI level and receive coaching to improve it. Then learn to use your EI to interact with others, solve problems and achieve higher performance.

2-day workshop New York, NY

Executing Total Rewards

Learn to successfully plan, execute and communicate a total rewards strategy that drives valuable business results while providing employees with desirable workforce programs. Understand the crucial elements of compensation and benefits planning to identify which rewards have the power to attract, motivate, engage and retain employees.

2-day workshop New York, NY

Performance Management

Maximize employee productivity and organization profitability with effective performance management. Learn how to implement a fitting performance management process that aligns organizational goals, motivates employees and serves as an input to talent pipelines. Identify key capabilities for employees and manage to drive better performance discussions. Learning is gained and reinforced through workshop case studies and group activities.

2-day workshop New York, NY

Resolving Conflict

Conflict may have constructive or destructive consequences on individual or team performance. Acquire the ability to identify, confront, manage and resolve conflict.

2-day workshop New York, NY

Rethinking Talent Acquisition for Future Demand

Learn to hire the right candidate for the right job at the right time. Gain strategies to source, attract, assess and select qualified and interested candidates while enhancing your organization’s brand and recognizing legal considerations in the digital age of social media.

2-day workshop New York, NY