EEO Professionals

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  • Acquire a foundation to develop skills in employment law
  • Build expertise to effectively handle employee concerns
  • Gain details on the latest federal, state and local EEO and AA laws

Solutions Through Practical Knowledge

Understand the complex issues surrounding EEO/affirmative action laws and obligations of employers. Participate in this interactive training to learn to identify potential issues that can address federal, state and local laws, and requirement. Topics include discrimination, harassment, affirmative action, managing ill and injured workers, family/medical leaves, wage and hour, labor relations, safety and privacy/social media.


EEO, AA and HR managers and professionals who want to gain expertise in employment law, managing the internal EEO complaint and investigations process.

Employee Internal Investigations: Part I must be taken before Internal Investigations Note-taking and Reports and Advanced Employee Internal Investigations: Part II.

Core curriculum

3-day Workshop New York, NY$1995.00

The Law of Equal Employment Opportunity

The latest in-depth information on federal, state and local EEO and AA laws (e.g., Title VII, ADEA, ADA, Executive Order 11246). Topics include discrimination, reasonable accommodations, illegal harassment, retaliation, the relationship between EEO laws, AA and diversity, and the interplay of FMLA and ADA.

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2-day Workshop New York, NY$1495.00

Affirmative Action Programs

Develop current and essential knowledge of affirmative action legal requirements and plans for government contractors – or employers who voluntarily establish affirmative action initiatives. Learn from an extensive case study and panel of experts.

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1-day Workshop New York, NY$995.00

Harassment Prevention in the Workplace

For EEO/HR professionals and managers, prevention is the key to maintaining a productive workplace and avoiding illegal harassment on the job (sexual, racial, religious, ethnic, age, disability, etc.). This interactive workshop examines legal and policy concerns, and best practices for facilitating respect and dignity in the workplace.

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2-day Workshop New York, NY$1595.00

Internal Investigations: Part I

Part I: Learn a step-by-step approach for conducting investigations and developing resolutions. Topics include: investigator’s role, interviewing, managing emotional employees, confidentiality, information-gathering techniques, when to involve an attorney, and identifying outcomes. Prerequisite: CO100, CO111 or CO353

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2-day Workshop New York, NY$1595.00

Advanced Internal Investigations: Part II

Part II: Through extensive practice, gain advanced skills for handling complex employee investigations, such as serious policy violations, EEO and compliance. Topics include: thorough investigation methods, strategies for avoiding common errors and the necessary steps for creating and implementing outcomes. Required: CO231

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2-day Workshop New York, NY$1495.00

Internal Investigation Note-taking and Reports

Internal investigation notes, documentation, summaries and reports have come under heightened scrutiny. An investigation may be at risk if the supporting information and reports are not well written. Practice effective note-taking techniques while developing skills in writing fair, neutral reports that uphold findings. Prerequisite: CO231

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