Performance Management (HR201)

Human resource departments are being called upon to make greater, more measurable contributions to their organization's bottom line. Few HR initiatives are seen to contribute more to an organization's productivity and profitability than a comprehensive, effective performance management system. HR practitioners must stay on top of the performance management challenges faced with both internal and external change, best practices, as well as new directions in performance management processes as seen in organizations such as General Electric, Google, and Hewlett Packard.

Key Outcomes

  • Design and implement a performance management system
  • Select the most appropriate performance evaluation methods
  • Align the goals and performance of each employee to the company's strategic objectives
  • Effectively collect performance data from multiple sources
  • Train and coach managers and employees on the necessary capabilities for effective, engaging performance discussions
  • Align the performance management process to other HR practices
  • Measure the impact of changes to the performance management process

Get Cornell ILR associate professor of human resources Brad Bell's perspective on the future of Performance Management.

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