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Victoria Prowse

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Victoria Prowse is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at Cornell University. She is also a Fellow of IZA and DIW Berlin. Victoria's main areas of interest are labor economics, public economics, empirical microeconomics and experimental economics.

In recent research, Victoria has studied the employment effects and optimal design of social insurance and assistance programs, including Unemployment Insurance, Social Security and Welfare benefits. She has also studied the effects of compensation schemes on productivity and other aspects of employee behavior. In further research projects that use data collected from a series of controlled laboratory experiments, Victoria's work shows how disappointment aversion affects how people behave in competitive situations and how boundedly-rational people learn in repeated strategic situations.


Journal Articles

  • Victoria L Prowse, David GIll, David Gill, . 2014. Gender Differences and Dynamics in Competition: The Role of Luck , . 5(2):351-356.
  • Victoria L. Prowse, Peter Haan. 2014. Longevity, Life-cycle Behavior and Pension Reform, . 178(4):582-601.
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  • Victoria L. Prowse. 2009. Estimating labour supply elasticities under rationing: a structural model of time allocation behaviour, . 42(1):90-112.

Professional Activities

  • Longevity, Life-cycle Behavior and Pension Reform. Presented to Department of Economics. University of Southampton. 2012.
  • Cognitive Ability and Learning. Presented to Economic Science Association. Tucson, Arizona. 2011.

Honors and Awards

  • Faculty Fellow, Cornell Institute for Social Sciences. 2016