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Nancy Hinkley
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Nancy Hinkley

Extension Faculty
Yang-Tan Institute on Employment and Disability


Nancy Hinkley has served on program teaching staff (extension faculty) with the K. Lisa Yang and Hock E.Tan Institute on Employment and Disability since 2005. Her focus is on developing content and process for knowledge translation and dissemination within the employment and disability field, specifically for secondary to postsecondary transition.

Teaching Statement

Teaching Focus: I teach Extension and Outreach Courses, in both web-based and traditional formats, on issues pertaining to the transition of students with disabilities to higher education and the workforce.
I have extensive experience in K-12 Education Instruction, Educational Leadership, and Convening Education Reform and Innovation Groups. I provide an annual ILR course lecture on the intersection of gender and disability in the workplace.

Research Statement

I conduct survey and qualitative research on issues pertaining to policy/practice gaps.

Service Statement

My Cornell/ ILR/YTI outreach work is serving as Director of the NYS Transition Services Professional Development Support Center, (PDSC).

Outreach Statement

My work is concerned with the implementation of evidence-based practices in transition planning and services throughout NYS


Journal Articles

    Conference Proceedings

    • Nancy A Hinkley. 2009. Theories to Practices: The Promise of Carefully Crafted Community of Practice Structures to Effect Multilevel Knowledge Dissemination and Systems-Change through Ongoing Individual and Social Learning. Yalova, Turkey: International 7th Knowledge, Economy & Management Congress, 2009.

    Professional Activities

    • Knowledge into Action: Crafting a Statewide Framework for Transition Professional Development and Technical Assistance. Presented to Division on Career Development and Transition . Cedar Rapids, IA . 2018.
    • The Long and Twisted Path to Adulthood. Presented to IDEA Partnership & other US DOE/OSEP funded Transition related centers, led by NSTTAC. Hilton Charlotte University Place ● Charlotte, NC. 2011.
    • Data, Decisions and Development: Utilizing Comparison Analysis of NTLS2 data and NYS Model Transition Program Findings to Inform Statewide Professional Development.. Presented to Post school Outcomes Center & other US DOE/OSEP funded Transition related centers, led by NSTTAC. Hilton Charlotte University Place ● Charlotte, NC. 2011.
    • What Works in Transition Services and Planning for Students with Autism. Presented to Labor Relations Press. Pheonix, Arizona. 2011.
    • Paper to Practice. Presented to Mid-State TCS and MTP. Online. 2009.