Chris Riddell

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Chris Riddell

Associate Professor
Labor Relations, Law, and History


Journal Articles

  • Christopher Riddell. . Labor law and reaching a first collective agreement: Evidence from a quasi-experimental set of reforms in Ontario, .
  • Christopher Riddell. . The pitfalls of work requirements in welfare-to-work policies: Experimental evidence on human capital accumulation in the Self-Sufficiency Project, .
  • Christopher Riddell, Michele Campolieti. 2012. Disability policy and the labor market: Evidence from a natural experiment in Canada, 1998-2006, . 96(3):306-316.
  • Christopher Riddell. 2011. Compensation policy and quit rates: A multi-level approach using benchmarking data, . 50(4):656-677.

Honors and Awards

  • John Dunlop Scholar, LERA. 2013