CCDP/AP Continuing Education Guidelines

Continuing Education demonstrates your commitment to learning and applying current issues and best practices in the rapidly evolving D&I profession. Continuing education should be 6 hours of training in D&I or related competencies. A Continuing Education Form must be completed and submitted by January 30 in order to meet the previous year’s requirement. The form is designed for you to demonstrate insightful learning and application.

  • CCDP/AP Students – Must complete 6 hours of continuing education training during the calendar year of completing all requirements for certification.
  • CCDP/AP Recertification – In order to maintain the CCDP/AP credential, 6 hours of continuing education training is required annually.

Continuing Education Training

Cornell ILR Diversity and Inclusion Program
Any workshop you have not taken in this program counts towards continuing education and recertification. You must indicate when you enroll in the workshop that you intend to use the workshop toward continuing education and recertification. Examples of workshops: 

External Professional Development
Before deciding to enroll in a workshop, webinar or conference, you must get approval to ensure it meets the requirement. You may take multiple sessions to obtain the required 6 hours of training. You will need to provide documentation, such as a Letter of Completion, for each session indicating your attendance/participation. You will also need to complete the Continuing Education and Recertification Form.

All documentation demonstrating continuing education should be submitted to Jasminy Joe,, (212) 340-2874.