Elaina Mule

Photo: Elaina Mule

Elaina Mule


Partnership for the Public Good

Buffalo, NY

Work Highlights

The products of the students’ work will be policy briefs on targeted local economic development policies, print and electronic information packets on the work of the PPG, and communications and outreach to partners, public officials and the media.  They will also participate in the planning of monthly forums and other public events.

The PPG summer fellow will also be active partners in building the PPG website, developing related interactive media, and advancing PPG’s media and partner outreach. 

The Organization

The Partnership for the Public Good uses research, advocacy, and communication to promote better public policy for the Buffalo region.  PPG unites a broad range of organizations – from social service providers to arts groups, from environmental advocates to affordable housing providers, from anti-violence coalitions to academic institutions – around a community-based vision of a revitalized Buffalo.  PPG’s premise is that Buffalo does not need to start from scratch or chase silver bullets in seeking revitalization. Rather, we need to patiently cultivate assets such as our highly skilled workforce, many universities, historic architecture, location near the border, waterfront, cultural diversity, locally owned independent businesses, active non-profit community, and rich history.  PPG has crafted a set of Principles for a Revitalized Buffalo, a Poverty Research Library, a citizen’s tool kit, many policy reports, fact sheets, and policy briefs.  The PPG conducts monthly forums, testifies at public hearings and provides policy research and support for its over 75 partner organizations.