Abigail Frey

Photo: Abigail Frey

Abigail Frey


WNY Law Center

Buffalo, NY

Work Highlights
  • Researched issues of mortgage foreclosures and service shut-offs due to problems low-income residents face with water bills and costs of service and repairs.
  • Collected personal stories through community-based organizations and individual meeting with clients.
  • Compiled a memo with policy recommendations regarding consumer protections for customers dealing with water bill and water access issues.
In their words

"I chose the High Road because I wanted direct experience working in a nonprofit organization or public aid office. I was excited about the diversity of projects and organizations offered, so I decided to come to Buffalo. What I really like about this program is that we’re not just average interns. I was able to choose a project that pertained to my own interests and goals, allowing me to really engage in the work. Prior to this summer, I had no idea how politics really worked, how laws were passed. Working in the WNYLC and doing research on Buffalo Water definitely highlighted different aspects and the importance of public policy.

Another aspect of the program that appealed to me was the chance to connect with a group of ILR students. I really liked being able to spend so much time with other ILR students. It’s an easy ice breaker because we all either know each other, recognize each other or can easily start a conversation. I learned a lot from hearing other people talk about their workdays."