Maame Britwum

Maame Britwum

Maame Britwum


Western New York Law Center

Lawrence, KS

Work Highlights
  • Conducted applied research to support the creation of a Vacant Properties Registry for the City of Buffalo
  • Tracked fire activity in the city of Buffalo; traveled with staff to locations of recent fires to document  the condition of the properties to show link between vacant properties and a higher rate of arson or other community threats
  • Provided recommendations for community involvement to address the issue
  • Traveled to Albany to meet with legislators about State policies to address vacant and abandoned properties
  • Presented to local elected officials, stakeholders and community members on the increased likelihood of fires in vacant and abandoned properties and how a vacant property registry would be a valuable tool to address the issue
In their words

"Most importantly throughout the High Road I found my own strength. I still over apologize, and I’m not the most confident person out there, but I’m getting closer to being the best version of myself that I can be. I surprised myself with how well my research project went, I surprised myself in how quickly I learned how to cook—at all, I surprised myself in how handled difficult situations. I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I think I prefer myself after learning and growing than the me before."


"It was an absolute pleasure working with Maame.  She took direction well and was very independent in her work which I appreciate. Her thoughtful work was a great fit with the Law Center!"

Kate Lockhart,

WNY Law Center