Annabel Bacon

Annabel Bacon

Annabel Bacon

Human Ecology '20

Breadhive Worker Cooperative Bakery

Buffalo, NY

Work Highlights
  • Completed an applied research study about cooperative business structures, the differences between cooperatives and typical capitalist business structures, and their benefits and drawbacks
  • Interviewed stakeholders integral to the WNY cooperative movement in the past and present to chronicle the history of the cooperative economy and movement in WNY
  • Presented research findings at a cooperative mixer about what aspects allow a cooperative to succeed and remain sustainable with suggestions on how to foster cooperative growth in the Buffalo area
  • As a member of the Breadhive Cooperative, worked in the bakery in a variety of capacities on the front end with customers and other organizational support work
In their words

"I was born and raised in Buffalo. I love this place, it’s my home, and I felt like I knew everything about Buffalo. How wrong I was. This summer, I have seen sides of Buffalo I didn’t know existed, and my previous understanding has been shaken. Through different speakers and tours of this city, we have discovered the problems, such as segregation and poverty, while also noting the positives, such as our important historical sites, such as the Colored Musicians Club and the site of Teddy Roosevelt’s inauguration. This fellowship has changed the way I view Buffalo, and the way I now view businesses. I now know that there are alternatives to the hierarchical structure of the typical firm, where democratic practices are not usually in place. The cooperative business structure can be successful in creating employment, community activism, and a more equitable share of a company’s wealth."



"Annabel was a great addition to the Breadhive family this summer. A bright and personable student, she produced a very thorough and well written research paper on the local cooperative movement. While promoting knowledge about cooperatives, this research will also be valuable in assisting cooperatives apply for different grants and other development strategies."

Emily Stewart,

Breadhive Worker Cooperative