Leading Talent Optimization: The Advanced HR Certificate

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Organizational Design workshop instructor Amy Kates shares her perspective on what makes the advanced HR certificate, Leading Talent Optimization, the choice for progressive HR professionals.

Business leaders are looking to their HR professionals and saying, “Help me make better business decisions, better talent decisions. Help me think about how to grow this business and create an organization in which our talent can thrive.”

And the HR professional has to be ready with an answer: to do the diagnostics, to assess, to bring decision frameworks, to bring tools, to be able to facilitate, consult and guide complex decision-making processes around this, and to be able to bring data to the conversation.

That’s why the three parts of this particular certificate [Leading Talent Optimization] are really where the function is going: talent, organization, data analytics.

These are not training programs, this is true capability and competence building. What I [as an instructor] see is that participants in these programs leave both with the competence but also the confidence to go back and really make a difference in their business.

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