Contract Administration Immersion Program

This three-day, intensive program is designed for operational managers and human resource professionals who need an in-depth "immersion" in labor relations.

The workshop is ideal for organizations that have recently become unionized, have acquired a unionized facility, or are interested in succession planning in the labor relations competency area.  The case studies exercises will include issues relevant to your collective bargaining agreements.

Topics covered include:

  • An overview of the National Labor Relations Act
  • Operating within the requirements of a collective bargaining agreement, including contract interpretation principles
  • Recognizing and implementing the "just cause" standard of discipline, including Weingarten, communication, and documentation
  • Conducting investigations of major workplace offenses that may result in immediate termination and that are the likely subject of arbitration
  • Strategic grievance handling to ensure management is gaining maximum benefit from the process, including do's and don'ts of grievance processing and drafting grievance responses
  • Analyzing, preparing or presenting evidence in a labor arbitration cases