Collective Bargaining Immersion Program

This intensive three-day workshop is designed to ready your company's bargaining team for upcoming negotiations. It can be customized to address anticipated challenges at the bargaining table.

It focuses on the collective bargaining process, including a plan for preparation, formulation of bargaining strategies, the process of negotiating “at the table” and communication skills for managing interpersonal dynamics. There is a collective bargaining simulation using a case study or issues related to your organization.

The program incorporates components of Preparation for Collective Bargaining and Effective Collective Bargaining.

For example, the topics include:

  • The Effective Collective Bargaining Mindset
  • Preparation for Collective Bargaining
  • The Management Bargaining Team
  • Collective Bargaining from the Union’s Perspective
  • The Law of Collective Bargaining
  • The Collective Bargaining "Process"
  • Collective Bargaining Simulation

To schedule customized programs or for more information, contact:

Dan McCray