Labor Relations

Cornell's customized training programs are presented to a diverse client base, helping develop and adapt collective bargaining and contract administration strategies and practices, and advising on labor management interactions. The work is highly specialized and the programs are designed to meet the specific needs of an organization.

ILR is the Resource of Choice for Labor Relations Custom Program

Sample Programs:

  • Developed a comprehensive educational partnership with an international air carrier that taught collective bargaining skills to more than 100 employees and managers
  • Conceived and executed a six-year labor-relations training initiative for public education executives in New York state, focusing on contract administration and collective bargaining
  • Designed and implemented train-the-trainer programs for major hospitality and oil industry organizations, resulting in comprehensive, readily transferable skills training for thousands of supervisors and managers
  • Led a three-year educational initiative with a multinational oil corporation, providing a comprehensive education and consulting program focuses on helping HR professionals master core labor-relations

To schedule customized programs or for more information contact:

Theresa Mohabir