WORK! Episode 4 Now Available

Dean Colvin and New York State Assemblyman Sean Ryan discuss policies and programs that have helped revitalize Buffalo.
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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

In the latest episode of “WORK! Exploring the future of work, labor and employment,” Cornell ILR Dean Alex Colvin  and New York State Assemblyman Sean Ryan discuss the policy changes, and the ILR School’s role, in revitalizing Buffalo, N.Y.

Elected to the state assembly in 2011, Ryan represents District 149 and has been instrumental in Buffalo’s upswing. A lawyer by trade, his career highlights include a record award for a victim of housing discrimination, a successful challenge to a school district’s denial of special education services to children enrolled in parochial schools, and an action to compel enforcement of Buffalo’s Living Wage Ordinance.

Cornell ILR’s extension history begins with Buffalo. Since 1946, ILR has played a vital role in the region, working in partnership with businesses, unions, government, education and community organizations to build an economy that works for all. 

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