South-South Conference

Scholars identifying Global South development trends and impacts
Monday, October 5, 2015

China, India, Brazil and other nations are now major players in the economies of developing countries where U.S. and European investment has been the norm.

The impact of that change will be examined Oct. 9-10 at the “Labor, Capital and South-South Development: Emergent Polycentrism in the Global Economy” conference sponsored by ILR International Programs and supported by the Pierce Memorial Fund.

International scholars will present original research on investment, social change, trade, labor and other issues impacting developing countries. The event will be held in the ILR Conference Center.

China in Africa, Brazil in Latin America and India in South Africa are some of the “south-south” scenarios scholars will discuss in the context of consequences for civil society and the world of work.

“Who is putting money where, what are the implications for politics and non-governmental organizations, literacy, health, human development,” are the types of questions scholars expect to probe, said Assistant Professor Eli Friedman of ILR’s Department of International and Comparative Labor.

Friedman is coordinating the conference with Sarosh Kuruvilla, professor of industrial relations, Asian studies and Public Affairs at ILR and Cornell, and Ching Kwan Lee, professor of sociology at UCLA.

Keynote speakers will include:

  • Beverly Silver, professor of sociology, The Johns Hopkins University
  • Kristen Hopewell, lecturer, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Edinburgh
  • Wendy Wolford, professor, Department of Development Sociology, Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

The public is invited to attend the research presentations and keynotes.

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