Showcase for ILR Research

Labor and Employment Relations Association featuring many from school
John McCarthy, assistant professor of human resource studies, will be speaking at LERA 2018
Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The ILR School will be well represented at the Labor and Employment Relations Association annual meeting June 14 - 17 in Baltimore, Md.

“ILR’s faculty and students represent the largest group of participants in the annual LERA conference. In addition, our many alumni at the conference show the breadth of ILR’s influence in the academic and practitioner communities,” said Alex Colvin, associate dean for academic affairs, diversity and faculty development, and ILR’s Martin F. Scheinman Professor of Conflict Resolution.

“The ILR contingent at LERA will be presenting research on a range of cutting-edge labor and employment relations topics, including workplace conflict resolution, global supply chains and labor rights, worker centers and the gig economy.”

Highlighting ILR’s presence at the conference, Colvin said, will be the address of LERA’s current president, Harry Katz, ILR’s Jack Sheinkman Professor of Collective Bargaining and director of the Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution.

Presenters from ILR at the LERA sessions include:

Ariel C. Avgar, associate professor of labor relations, law and history, will present on “Integrating Conflict: A Proposed Framework for the Interdisciplinary Study of Workplace Conflict and its Management.”

Matthew Fischer-Daly M.S./Ph.D. ’21 will speak on “Current Collective Bargaining in Agriculture Supply Chains.”

Michael David Maffie M.S./Ph.D. ’19 will present on “Logging Out: Conflict & Behavioral Responses in the Rideshare Industry.”

Paulo Ferreira de Souza Marzionna, doctoral student, will present “Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Brazilian Banking Sector.”

Phoebe Strom M.S./Ph.D. ’21 will present “Debugging Evolving Workplace Relationships: How Technology Influences Interpersonal Conflict & Collaboration in Healthcare.”

John McCarthy, assistant professor of human resource studies, will discuss “Research Practice Partnerships: The Impact of Academic Research on School Level Practices and Employment Relations.”

Rosemary Batt, ILR’s Alice Cook Professor of Women and Work, and chair of the Human Resource Studies Department, will consider “Does Franchising ‘Cause’ Low Wage Work? Evidence from the Fast Food Industry.” She also will discuss restaurant employment as part of a workshop, “In Search of the High Road in Low Wage Industries.”

Virginia Doellgast, associate professor and chair of international and comparative labor, will discuss “Do Fragmented Employers Produce Fragmented Work? A Comparison of Employers’ Associations in Denmark and Sweden.” She also will reflect on her work as an editor of “Reconstructing Solidarity: Labour Unions, Precarious Work, and the Politics of Institutional Change in Europe,” published this year by Oxford University Press.

Ian Greer, a senior research associate, will chair a symposium on labor relations as well as present “In Defense of Public Services: Coalitions and Campaigns in British Healthcare and Social Security.”

Frances G. Benson, editorial director of ILR Press, will chair a workshop on new books.

KC Wagner, director of workplace issues, will present “Sexual Harassment in the Workplace.”

Adam Seth Litwin, associate professor of labor relations, law and history, will present on “Job Classification, Union Status, and Frontline Worker Voice in U.S. Hospitals.”

Sarosh C. Kuruvilla, the Andrew J. Nathanson Family Professor in Industrial and Labor Relations, will join David Blatter M.S./Ph.D. ’22 in presenting “Does Collective Bargaining Improve Compliance in Garment Supply Chains?”

Kati Griffith, associate professor of labor and employment law, and chair of the Department of Labor Relations, Law & History, will present “Sizing Up Worker Center Income (2008-2014): A Study of Revenue Size, Stability, and Streams.” She will also chair a workshop on labor standards policy and enforcement.

Hyesook Chung M.S/Ph.D. ’20 will present “Do Internal Labor Markets Foster or Hinder Knowledge Creation in Competitive Markets?”

Colvin will chair a symposium featuring LERA competitive papers. He will also present “Advancing Dispute Resolution by Unpacking the Sources of Conflict: Toward an Integrated Framework.”

Lowell Turner, professor of international and comparative labor, will chair a symposium on young worker engagement as well as present on “”Strategies of Trade Unions Towards Young Workers in Four Countries: An Overview.”

David B. Lipsky, the Anne Evans Estabrook Professor of Dispute Resolution, will chair a symposium addressing workplace conflict and resolution.

Sean Edmund Rogers, assistant professor in the Cornell School of Hotel Administration, will chair a junior faculty consortium.

Todd Dickey M.S./Ph.D. ’18 will speak on “Experiential Learning: Partnership in the Federal Sector under Executive Order 13522, ‘Creating Labor-Management Forums to Improve Delivery of Government Services.’”

Joseph C. Bazler M.S./Ph.D. ’18, will present on “Building Communities at School: How Teachers’ Care Work Inspires Community Building and Creates New Opportunities for Unions.”