Research Award

Chris Collins
Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies will receive the Research Center Impact Award from the Academy of Management’s Practice Theme Committee in August at the academy conference in Vancouver, Canada.

The award recognizes an outstanding research project or research program conducted either independently or in collaboration with industry that has had a major and demonstrable impact on management practice or has made a significant difference to the recipients of the research.

Chris Collins, director of the Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies and an associate professor in ILR’s Department of Human Resource Studies, said, “Our main goal at CAHRS is to impact and elevate the HR function through research, collaboration and knowledge sharing between HR faculty and leaders at our partner companies.”

During the award submission process, Mirian Graddick-Weir, executive vice president, human resources, at Merck & Company, told the academy in a letter of her value for the center, known as CAHRS.

“A significant challenge faced by chief human resources officers in large, global and complex organizations is the relevancy of research to the critically important business problems we face. CAHRs is best in class at fostering a very unique and long term collaboration among top academics, experienced practitioners and diverse students – often using our organizations as learning laboratories,” she wrote.

“From my perspective, the benefits are invaluable – not only do they create forums for a thoughtful exchange of ideas and a focus on emerging trends, but they also provide access to evidence-based research.  The quality of the research is excellent and the results are relevant and highly impactful.”