New Edition

Blau textbook reflects changes in labor market
Thursday, June 1, 2017

Used by New York University, Duke University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and available at the Toronto Public Library in Canada, the textbook, “The Economics of Women, Men, and Work,” by Professor Francine Blau will be published in its eighth edition in July.

Written with Anne E. Winkler of the University of Missouri, St. Louis, it is considered the leading textbook in the field of gender economics, according to its publisher, Oxford University Press.

The edition reflects numerous changes in the labor market in recent years. It includes new evidence on sources of the remaining gender wage gap and reasons for its decline; a discussion of the rising age of first marriage and rising divorce rate among older women; changing dimensions of fertility; weakening gender barriers in the military; and nationwide minimum wage campaigns.

It includes data on women from around the world and expands web-based data exercises for students.

Blau is ILR’s Frances Perkins Professor of Industrial and Labor Relations and a Cornell economics professor.

Her undergraduate degree is from the ILR School, and her doctorate in economics is from Harvard University. Before returning to ILR to teach in 1994, she was on the faculty of University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.