New Certificate Helps You Become a Proactive Leader

ILR professor Sam Bacharach draws on his research to show you how to get things done.
Proactive Leader Certificate
Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A good idea is not enough.  Leadership is about your capacity to initiate, sustain, and implement. It’s about having skills to mobilize others and keep the momentum moving. It’s about getting things done. This series of courses which comprise the proactive leadership certificate will give you the skills to move an agenda through your organization.You will enhance your leadership skills as you learn the strategic and tactical components of agenda building and you will develop your ability to create coalitions, assess allies and resistors, negotiate support, and lead with political competence.

These workshops are based on research and seminars presented by ILR McKelvey-Grant Professor of Organizational Behavior Samuel Bacharach around the theme of "leaders who get things done in organizations."  His most recent book is Get Them on Your Side:  Win Support, Convert Skeptics, Get Results.

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