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Danso-Danquah '15, Garcia '14, Noel '14 receive scholarships
Danso-Danquah '15, Garcia '14, Noel '14 receive scholarships
Monday, July 15, 2013

Three ILR students are among the first 25 McNair Scholars at Cornell.

Dr. Ronald E. McNair, a 35-year-old physicist, was killed in the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion in 1986. The scholarship program named after him provides greater access to post-baccalaureate study and supports the success of underrepresented students.

Teresa Danso-Danquah '15, one of the three ILR students, is interested in disability policy analysis. She is currently collaborating on research assessing the needs and services available to siblings of individuals with developmental disabilities. She plans to pursue doctoral and law degrees.

Juliana Garcia '14 is interested in studying the application of neuroscience to criminal procedures and updating criteria for admissible evidence in criminal trial proceedings. She expects to pursue law and doctoral degrees, specializing in neuroscience.

Sheretta Noel '14 is interested in diversity management and improving the workforce for people of color and minority groups. She plans to pursue a doctoral degree in industrial and organizational psychology.