LGBTQ Webcast Series

Scheinman Institute talks LGBTQ issues in the K-12 Environment
Wednesday, January 13, 2016

ILR’s Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution is hosting its second webcast in a series focusing on LGBTQ issues emerging in the workplace and practices that could support problem solving and resolution to these issues.

The webcast, The Gendered Workplace and the LGBTQ Community in the K-12 Environment, will explore how gender affects workplace relationships. In particular, it will focus on how transgender employees can be supported, and how the school workplace culture can create an inclusive climate for LGBTQ staff and students.

“Our expectations of gender roles in K-12 workplaces can hamper collaborative work and the growth and development of school employees and students,” said Sally Klingel, Scheinman Institute director and webcast moderator. “Our expert panel will discuss the implications of highly gendered roles in the workplace, distinctions between gender, sex and sexuality, and issues in gender transition processes.”

Expert webcast panelists include Ileen DeVault, co-chair, Equity at Work Initiative of The Worker Institute at Cornell and professor of Labor Relations, Law, and History, and Genna Suraci, principal, Ulster BOCES Career & Tech Center, New Paltz, NY, an openly transgender school administrator.

The webcast series was created to address emerging contemporary issues in the workplace involving conflict resolution, labor-management relations and organizational change.

The Gendered Workplace and the LGBTQ Community in the K-12 Environment
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