The key phrase in retention, says CAHRS Managing Director Steve Miranda, is specialized efforts

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

High performance environments are home to some unique talent management issues. Regardless of the industry, there's one thing these workplaces have in common: a serious devotion to results. They're competitive, high- stress offices where mediocrity is disdained and failure intolerable. As such, they often experience very high levels of turnover.

On the one hand, top talent is constantly courted by competitors with the promise of greener pastures. On the other, good employees snap under pressure or find themselves unable to consistently deliver. But when the pressure to perform is cranked to full blast, is rampant turnover really inevitable?  

Steve Miranda, Managing Director of CAHRS, Cornell University ILR School, recently connected with Kyle Lagunas of Software Advice to answer this question, suggesting organizations address retention proactively, as a strategic issue. "The key phrase is specialized efforts. Successful organizations, says Miranda, "don't view retention initiatives as 'one size fits all.'"  

You can find the full article on the Software Advice Blog.