Impact on ILR

Kenneth F. Kahn Dean Harry Katz talks about the potential impact of the CornellNYC tech campus on the school.
Dean Katz: What new Manhattan campus means for school
Monday, January 30, 2012

New ILR courses supporting high-tech entrepreneurship could be a possible development as Cornell goes forward with a new Manhattan campus.

Harry Katz, Kenneth F. Kahn Dean and Jack Sheinkman Professor, shared that news as New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced this week that the university was selected to create an applied sciences and technology campus in the Big Apple.

Implications for ILR were described by Katz to faculty and staff gathered at the ILR Conference Center in Ithaca.

"Down the road, it might affect our academic programs," he said.

The ILR Conference Center, offices and programs in Manhattan will continue at the current midtown location, the dean also said. "We're not going to move out of 34th Street."

By 2015, Cornell expects to start building more than two million square feet of classroom and research space to accommodate 2,000 students and 300 faculty on Roosevelt Island, between Manhattan and Queens.

More than $20 billion will be generated by the 11-acre campus during the next three decades, according to projections.

Building the campus will create 20,000 construction jobs. It will take another 8,000 permanent jobs to operate the campus. Its design was unveiled via a digital fly-through of a campus rendering.

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