ILR's Growing Popularity

Largest applicant pool in ILR history, Sheils says
Largest applicant pool in ILR history
Tuesday, September 3, 2013

More students than ever are applying to ILR, according to Undergraduate Admissions Office statistics.

ILR received 1,443 applications from potential first-year students for fall 2013 enrollment.

It is a 20 percent increase from the previous year and the largest applicant pool in ILR history, said ILR Undergraduate Admissions Director Cathleen Sheils.

The applicant increase represents a broader shift in students' attitudes towards education, she said.

"Students are seeking a multidisciplinary curriculum and a major that cuts across several academic and career areas to prepare for positions in diverse fields," Sheils said.

"They are looking to be prepared for the dynamic workplace when they graduate."

Also, Sheils said, "Students value the ILR attention to student success and their personal and professional goals by a range of supportive and involved faculty and staff."

The Class of 2017 has 169 members and is geographically diverse, with first-year students hailing from 33 states and four countries.

Thirteen percent of the students in the class are the first in their families to attend college.

The class is comprised of 160 men and 127 women. Minority students represent 37 percent of the class.

The 118 transfer students who entered ILR this semester represent 23 states.

ILR's total undergraduate enrollment is currently 970 students.