2014 News

December 2014

"What Works for Working Women."
U.S. News and World Report. 23 December 2014. - Francine Blau and Lawrence Kahn.

"Be Less Cool--and 4 Other Career Tips for Millennials."
Inc.com 22 December 2014. - Sam Bacharach.

"When Working In Mixed Groups, Staying PC Boosts Productivity."
NPR. 18 December 2014. - Jack Goncalo.

"How the NLRB may expand responsibility for labor violations."
Reuters. 17 December 2014. - Rachel Aleks.

"2014 Influence List: Hired Guns.."
The Chronicle of Higher Education. 15 December 2014. - Ronald Ehrenberg.

"Pipe Dreams? Labor Researchers Say Keystone XL Project May Kill More Jobs Than It Creates."
Truthout, 15 December 2014. - Sean Sweeney.

"The untold story of how a flight attendant set the stage for the merger of American Airlines and US Airways."
The Business Journals. 11 December 2014. - Ken Margolies.

"Fast Food Protesters Take To The Streets On 2-Year Anniversary Of Campaign."
Huffington Post. 4 December 4 2014. - Ileen DeVault.

"The Fixed-Rate Mortgage Helped Forge the Middle Class."
Businessweek, 4 December 2014. - Louis Hyman.

"Four Tips for Plan Sponsors in 2015."
CFO Magazine. 4 December 2014. - Michael Clark.

"Gas Approaching $2 Seen Helping U.S. December Sales."
Bloomberg. 3 December 2014. - Art Wheaton.

"Economists survey: What's the Fed forgetting?."
Bankrate. 3 December 2014. - Seth Harris.

"Counter Culture: A History of Shopping"
BackStory, December 19, 2014, Friday – Louis Hyman

"Why U.S. Women Are Leaving Jobs Behind"
New York Times, December 12, 2014, Friday – Francine Blau

November 2014

"Quarter of Americans will work over holidays."
USA Today. 25 November 2014. - Rose Batt.

"How Thanksgiving Is Dividing The Nation In Two."
Huffington Post. 25 November 2014. - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Unions, Employers Increasingly Facing ACA Excise Tax Issue in Contract Talks."
Bloomberg, 24 November 2014. - John August.

"New rules seen as boon for construction."
Crain's New York. 21 November 2014. - Jeff Grabelsky .

"East Ramapo monitor's report: Diversity training."
The Journal News. 21 November 2014. - KC Wagner.

"Does workplace stress play a role in retirement drinking?."
Oxford University Press. 19 November 2014. - Peter Bamberger and Katie Briggs.

"Entitlement gives creativity a boost."
Examiner. 18 November 2014. - Emily Zitek and Lynne Vincent.

"Senate Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline Bill."
NPR. 18 November 2014. - Sean Sweeney.

"How would the Keystone pipeline affect U.S. gas prices?."
CBS News. 17 November 2014. - Bruce Kennedy.

"25 years of progress for those with disability."
The Christian Science Monitor. 16 November 2014. - Lee Lawrence.

"Deciding Whether to Disclose Mental Disorders to the Boss."
New York Times. 14 November 2014. - Sarah von Schrader.

"Political correctness really works! Sorry, conservatives, but science just said so."
The Guardian. 13 November 2014. - Jack Goncalo.

"Twinkie maker's success story tempting Entenmann's."
New York Post, 12 November 2014. - Art Wheaton.

"How to Respond to Harassment at Work, On the Street, and Everywhere Else."
Bustle. 10 November 2014. - Beth Livingston.

"Six Points on the Midterm Elections."
Jacobin. 8 November 2014. - Jeff Cowie and Nick Salvatore.

"Beyond The Unemployment Rate: Look At These 5 Labor Indicators."
NPR, 7 November 2014. - Linda Barrington.

"Apostles of Growth: Capitalism's newest critics offer a groundbreaking account of slavery, but does their economic history add up?."
The Nation. 5 November 2014. - Louis Hyman.

"Paying for Keeps with Key Talent."
Workspan. 1 November 2014. - Kevin Hallock.

October 2014

"Why do people earn what they earn?."
The Boston Globe. 30 October 2014. - Kevin Hallock.

"Westchester Is Home Turf For Trio Of Pro Sports Leaders."
Daily Voice. 27 October 2014. - Rob Manfred and Gary Bettmen.

"Renewables Not Enough: World Needs Democratic, Decentralized Energy."
Common Dreams. 9 October 2014. - Sean Sweeney.

"Asking Advice Makes a Good Impression."
Scientific American, 7 October 2014. - Vanessa Bohns.

"More Older Adults Are Struggling With Substance Abuse."
The New York Times. 3 October 2014. - Peter Bamberger and Samuel Bacharach.

"Acute Economic Inequality Underlies "Occupy Central" Protests in Hong Kong."
The Real News 3 October 2014. - Eli Friedman.

"Doing business abroad? You gotta know the territory."
The Dollar Business. 1 October 2014. - Joe Grasso and Steve Miranda.

September 2014

"Is pay transparency killing off the last workplace taboo?."
BenefitsPro. 25 September 2014. - Stephanie Thomas.

"Nissan says it has no plan to reduce battery production at U.S. plant."
The Japan Times. 21 September 2014. - Art Wheaton.

"Why multinationals aren't adding U.S. jobs."
USA Today. 26 September 2014. - Rose Batt.

"NFL players' union retains ex-federal prosecutor to run own investigation into Ray Rice ban."
New York Daily News. 24 September 2014. - Larry Kahn.

"Leave Your Job on a Good Note."
Real Business. 24 September 2014. - Steve Miranda.

"Google reveals most searched-for universities."
BBC News. 23 September 2014. - Ron Ehrenberg.

"Horror stories reveal broader risk to vulnerable adults."
Minneapolis Star Tribune. 20 September 2014. - Ray Cebula.

"Making Pay Public."
SHRM HR Magazine. 1 September 2014. - Linda Barrington.

"Stores make layaway cheaper, but dangers lurk."
Today.com. 16 September 2014. - Louis Hyman.

"Solar Power Prospects Topic of Conference at Daemen."
The Buffalo News. 12 September 2014. - Art Wheaton.

"Fighting Against Companies that Misclassify Employees."
Pacific Standard. 11 September 2014. - Linda Donahue.

"America's Union-Busting Conservatives Are Going Local."
Vice News. 7 September 2014. - Lance Compa.

"Gary Bettman Welcomes Rob Manfred to Cornell Commish Club."
Newsday. 5 September 2014. - Gary Bettman and Rob Manfred.

"In Market Basket's Win, Did Workers Change The Game?."
Wisconsin NPR. 5 September 2014. - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Why This Week's Fast Food Protests Are "History In The Making"."
Huffington Post. 4 September 2014. - Ileen DeVault.

"Fast-Food Strikers Vow Civil Disobedience."
Aljazeera America. 3 September 2014. - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Home Health Workers to Join Call for $15 Wage."
Modern HealthCare. 2 September 2014. - Peter Lazes.

"6 Ways to Prepare for Open Enrollment Season."
Winston Benefits. 2 September 2014. - Steve Miranda.

August 2014

"America's New Labor Movement."
Harvard Business Review Blog. 29 August 2014. - Lowell Turner.

"Metropolitan Opera Contracts Give Unions a Voice."
The Wall Street Journal. 20 August 2014. - Lois Gray.

"Among the Poor, Women Feel Inequality More Deeply."
The New York Times. 18 August 2014. - Francine Blau.

"Despite Ultimatum, Market Basket Protests Persist."
Boston's NPR. 15 August 2014. - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Rob Manfred elected to replace Bud Selig as commissioner."
USA Today, 14 August 2014. - Rob Manfred.

"Market Basket a rare case in labor world."
The Boston Globe. 12 August 2014. - Ron Seeber.

"Labor ruling puts fast-food industry on edge."
The State. 12 August 2014. - Richard Hurd.

"Can Family Leave Policies Be Too Generous? It Seems So."
The New York Times. 9 August 2014. - Francine Blau and Lawrence Kahn.

"It's Time to Retool HR, Not Split It."
HBR Blog. 8 August 2014. - John Boudreau.

"Don't blame Detroit's woes on car industry -- First citation.."
Bankrate. 6 August 2014. - Art Wheaton.

" Growing trend of companies revealing salaries of every employee."
Al Jazeera America. 4 August 2014. - Linda Barrington.

"A Tale of Two Dollar Stores."
The New York Times. 3 August 2014. - Louis Hyman.

"Paying to Put Out Fires: How much for the really tough jobs?."
Workspan. August 2014. - Kevin Hallock.

July 2014

"What it takes to get a good manufacturing job now."
Yahoo Finance. 31 July 2014. - Art Wheaton.

"Franchisors Fear Labor's Big Mac Win."
TIME. 30 July 2014. - Richard Hurd.

"Being lonely at work is bad for business."
Fortune. 29 July 2014. - Steven Miranda.

"McDonald's loses big on labor ruling -- First citation.."
Fortune, 29 July 2014. - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"McDonald's loses big on labor ruling -- Second citation.."
Salon. 29 July 2014. - Alex Colvin.

"You Need Food and You Deserve a Raise."
The Wall Street Journal. 28 July 2014. - Emily Zitek.

"Paid Leave Encourages Female Employees to Stay."
The New York Times. 28 July 2014. - Francine Blau and Lawrence Kahn.

"Macy's Inc. (M) takes a double shot of bad labor news."
WCPO Cincinnati. 26 July 2014. - Ken Margolies.

"The Sex Amendment: How women got in on the Civil Rights Act.."
The New Yorker. 21 July 2014. - Michael Gold.

"Work that looks like summer camp."
Boston Globe. 20 July 2014. - Linda Barrington.

"Getting out from underemployed."
NWITimes. 20 July 2014. - Chris Collins.

"Create positive culture to beat bad office humor."
The Times of India. 14 July 2014. - Michele Williams.

"Don't blame Detroit's woes on car industry -- Second citation.."
Bankrate. 14 July 2014. - Art Wheaton.

"Chinese & US auto markets: opportunities for Indian exporters."
The Dollar Business. 12 July 2014. - Art Wheaton.

"Despite earlier loss, UAW creates union at VW plant."
The New York Times. 10 July 2014. - Harry Katz.

"Washington Won't Stop LIRR Strike."
The Wall Street Journal. 9 July 2014. - Lance Compa.

"Learning to Work With Unions."
Chief Learning Officer. 9 July 2014. - Sally Klingel.

"In further erosion of union rights, Supreme Court rules home care workers don't have to pay union dues."
Between The Lines. 9 July 2014. - Ken Margolies.

"After Supreme Court ruling, fewer state workers to organize."
McClatchy DC. 8 July 8 2014. - Esta Bigler.

" Another bruise, but the fight to unionize continues."
The New York Times. 2 July 2014. - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Health Aides and Unions: Some Workers Can't Be Forced to Pay Dues."
Al Jazeera America (video). 2 July 2014. - Risa Lieberwitz.

"Millions of workers freelance: should you?."
Fox Business. 2 July 2014. - Seth Harris.

"The Harris v. Quinn Supreme Court Decision: A Labor Expert's Analysis."
2 Paragraphs. 1 July 2014. - Risa Lieberwitz.

June 2014

"Garrido tells activists: focus on the community."
Real DC37 (Public Employee Press). June 2014. - Gene Carroll.

"Supreme Court delivers blow to public unions."
Fortune. 30 June 2014. - Lee Adler.

"Hillary Clinton's money problem — Banks vulnerable to high borrower debt."
POLITICO. 30 June 2014. - Louis Hyman.

"Tricking your brain into feeling powerful motivates you to save more."
Daily Mail UK. 26 June 2014. - Jack Goncalo.

"Today in Philly Labor: Work Life in the Late 1800s."
WWDB-AM. 27 June 2014. - Ileen DeVault.

"More than one in every 10 vehicles on the road has been recalled since January."
The Washington Post. 23 June 2014. - Art Wheaton.

"Why some companies see their workforce as an investment instead of a cost."
The Advocate Messenger. 23 June 2014. - Lee Dyer.

"Here's where a minimum wage hike would do the most good."
Fortune. 20 June 2014. - Lee Adler.

"Debate: how can we fix the student debt crisis?."
The Real News. 13 June 2014. - Ronald Ehrenberg.

"Appointee for Member, Presidential Emergency Board."
News Room America. 14 June 2014. - Bonnie Weinstock.

"Fewer employed women could slow growth."
The Gazette (Montreal). 7 June 2014. - Francine Blau and Lawrence Kahn.

"Why frustrated Muni operators use sickout to gain leverage."
SFGate. 7 June 2014. - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Note to Cleveland Cavaliers: Study says ex-players make the best coaches."
Cleveland.com. 5 June 2014. - Lawrence Kahn.

"End Teacher Absenteeism."
Dropout Nation. 5 June 2014. - Ronald Ehrenberg.

"To Work or Not to Work? Canada Women's Dilemma Cuts Growth: Jobs."
Bloomberg. 5 June 2014. - Francine Blau and Lawrence Kahn.

"Back to School for Labor Relations Training."
Clomedia. 4 June 2014. - Sally Klingel.

May 2014

"Climate Change; Bringing Creativity and Innovation Together."
WXXI News. 30 May 2014. - Diane Burton.

"Organizing the Service Sector."
WORT Radio. 27 May 2014. - Ken Margolies.

"The Private Burden of Public Colleges."
The News Journal. 24 May 2014. - Ronald Ehrenberg.

"Experts: Overall success of graduates difficult to measure."
The Daily Progress. 17 May 2014. - Ronald Ehrenberg.

"Leisure Activities Stressful for Working Adults With Disabilities."
Medical Xpress. 20 May 2014. - Wanda Cook.

"Wage Theft Is Grim Business."
Huffington Post. 19 May 2014. - Linda Donahue, James Ryan Lamare and Fred Kotler.

"Fighting Back Against Wage Theft."
NY City Lens. 17 May 2014. - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Private Equity: A Force For Good."
Business News Network. 16 May 2014. - Rosemary Batt.

"The End of Pay Secrecy?."
International Business Times, 15 May 2014. - Linda Barrington.

"Nine African Americans Awarded Truman Scholarships."
The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education. 15 May 2014. - Teresa Danso-Danquah.

"Switzer Segment Four."
Sky News. 13 May 2014. - Alexander Colvin.

"Step Increases in Pay Strain Long Island School Budgets."
Newsday. 13 May 2014. - Lee Adler.

"NYC Teachers, Take Note: If You Leave, You Lose."
WNYC. 12 May 2014. - Lee Adler.

"Gender wage gap: Congressional debate mainly focuses on statistics."
KJRH. 12 May 2014. - Lawrence Kahn.

"Fast Food Protests Spread Overseas."
The New York Times. 12 May 2014. - Lowell Turner.

"Respiratory Protection During Potential Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Exposure."
Business East. May 2014. - Nellie Brown.

April 2014

"A new generation of careers."
CNBC. 29 April 2014. - Linda Barrington.

"UAW seeks mediation to settle dispute with Nissan in Mississippi."
Detroit Free Press. 28 April 2014. - Lance Compa.

"Union protest targets Crown Holdings meeting."
Philly.com. 26 April 2014. - Lee Adler.

"ACA reinspires single-payer hopes."
Crain’s. 24 April 2014. - Gene Carroll.

"UAW drops appeal in organizing loss at VW in Tennessee."
Detroit Free Press. 21 April 2014. - Art Wheaton.

"Female college grads enter lifetime of wage gaps."
Women’s eNews. 21 April 2014. - Francine Blau.

"Gender gap legislation nixed by, who else? Republicans."
Inquisitor. 19 April 2014. - Francine Blau.

"Bright Obamacare skies for insurers."
The Union Edge. 16 April 2014. - Art Wheaton.

"What’s a union for?."
ColorLines. 16 April 2014. - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Controversy at Indoors puts TFAA in the spotlight."
Runner’s World. 10 April 2014. - Ken Margolies.

"Can workers talk about pay?."
KSPR. 8 April 2014. - Esta Bigler.

"Companies Say No to Having an HR Department."
WSJ. 9 April 2014. - Steve Miranda.

"Equal pay for equal work."
MSNBC. 8 April 2014. - Linda Barrington.

"White House Learns Complications of Pay Equity Debate."
National Public Radio. 8 April 2014. - Lawrence Kahn.

"Talking About Your Paycheck."
National Public Radio. 7 April 2014. - Stephanie Thomas.

"Not your grandpa's labor union."
The Boston Globe. 6 April 2014. - Kate Griffith.

"NLRB decision (podcast)."
Magazine. 4 April 2014. - Lee Adler.

"Apartment workers likely to put strike on the table."
Crain's. 2 April 2014. - Ken Margolies.

"In battling German unions, will Amazon emulate Walmart?."
CNN Money. 1 April 2014. - Lowell Turner.

March 2014

"History shows overtime pay protections are disconnected from employer hiring."
Roll Call. 26 March 2014. - Ronald Ehrenberg.

"The gender pay gap costs women more than $500 billion every year."
The Motley Fool. 22 March 2014. - Lawrence Kahn.

"New machinists leader says he's focused on healing divisions."
Herald Business Journal. 21 March 2014. - Art Wheaton.

"Out of gas: most Americans can't afford new cars."
NBC News. 25 March 2014. - Louis Hyman.

"The NAFTA scorecard."
CounterPunch. 21 March 2014. - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Bozzella, ex-Ford, Chrysler exec, named CEO of Global Automakers."
AutoNews. 21 March 2014. - John Bozzella.

"To fill skills gap in U.S., schools look abroad."
NPR (Charlotte, NC). 19 March 2014. - Lowell Turner.

"The pay gap prescription."
Slate Magazine. 17 March 2014. - Lawrence Kahn.

"Culinary schools speed the rise of hopeful chefs."
The New York Times. 17 March 2014. - Rosemary Batt.

"Economic inequality, organized labor and the working class."
St. Louis Public Radio. 17 March 2014. - Jefferson Cowie.

"The Battle for Chattanooga."
In These Times. 13 March 2014. - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Obama to direct FLSA overtime expansion to promote administration's wage agenda."
Bloomberg BNA. 13 March 2014. - Seth Harris.

"Wendy Davis overstates how much full-time working women make vs men."
Politifact. 10 March 2014. - Lawrence Kahn.

"Salary confidentiality reduces productivity, study shows."
The Times of Israel. 9 March 2014. - Elena Belogolovsky.

"Job market shrugs off winter chill, leaving experts feeling rather sunny."
Al Jazeera America. 7 March 2014. - Seth Harris.

"Feminism and the wage gap part II."
The Stanford Daily. 6 March 2014. - Francine Blau and Lawrence Kahn.

"BA and Norwegian Air Shuttle cuts costs, but at what price for flight attendants?."
The Guardian. 6 March 2014. - Art Wheaton.

"The inside story of how the White House learned to love the minimum wage."
The Washington Post. 6 March 2014. - Seth Harris.

"Disability studies: hot topic on campus."
The Wall Street Journal. 5 March 2014. - Susanne Bruyere and Thomas Golden.

"LIRR pension error may cost widow $26,707."
Long Island Newsday. 5 March 2014. - Lee Adler.

"Ace your annual review."
CNN Money. 5 March 2014. - Steve Miranda.

"Sizing up Obamacare, unions urging unified push for single-payer system."
The Chief. 3 March 2014. - Gene Carroll.

February 2014

"Are teaching and research mutually exclusive?."
Huffington Post. 26 February 2014. - Ronald Ehrenberg.

"What do unions offer American workers today?."
PBS Newshour. 26 February 2014. - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Paying more for less at Wellesley? College responsible for maintaining sustainable financial model."
The Wellesley News. 26 February 2014. - Ronald Ehrenberg.

"King: UAW appeal in VW vote targets outsiders."
Automotive News. 24 February 2014. - Lance Compa.

"Detroit automakers worry about UAW money struggles."
Yahoo Finance. 22 February 2014. - Art Wheaton.

"Barrier-busting Yellen lets work speak for itself."
Washington Post. 20 February 2014. - Francine Blau.

"Chickie's & Pete's lawsuit settlement announced."
Philly Magazine. 20 February 2014. - Laurie Berke-Weiss and Louis Pechman.

"UAW rejected by VW workers in Tennessee."
Main Street. 20 February 2014. - Gene Carroll.

"Plateau of percentage of women in workforce baffles economists."
The Wall Street Journal. 5 February 2014. - Francine Blau.

"4 key VW decisions shaped UAW vote's course."
Automotive News. 22 February 2014. - Jefferson Cowie.

"Former teamster official pushed anti-UAW on social media."
In These Times. 21 February 2014. - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Previous strikes have left scar tissue."
Mail Tribune. 19 February 2014. - Lee Adler.

O'Donoghue, Tandy "WWE promotes Tandy O'Donoghue."
The Wall Street Journal. 19 February 2014. - Tandy O'Donoghue.

"As college professors lose earning power, unions gain appeal."
CNN Money. 19 February 2014. - Risa Lieberwitz.

"Demographics of the South should help unions."
The New York Times. 18 February 2014. - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Five industries where women-owned businesses survive longer."
Fox Business. 18 February 2014. - Michele Williams.

"Union leaders not giving up on the South."
Los Angeles Times. 17 February 2014. - Richard Hurd.

"Finding a common purpose in education."
Huffington Post. 17 February 2014. - Simon Boehme.

"Analysis: UAW faced tough sell with happy VW workers."
USA Today. 15 February 2014. - Art Wheaton.

"Corker's Campaign Behind Union Rejection."
The Wall Street Journal. 15 February 2014. - Lance Compa.

"To the Contrary: Wendy Davis; Women-Owned Businesses."
PBS. 14 February 2014. - Michele Williams.

"Union foes tie VW vote to Detroit's woes."
Automotive News. 13 February 2014. - Lowell Turner.

"Aging demographics continue to fuel growth."
Black Enterprise. 10 February 2014. - Ruben King-Shaw.

"Auto workers union seeks to gain influence in South through Volkswagen."
Al Jazeera America. 12 February 2014. - Lowell Turner.

"VW union vote could halt state incentives."
USA Today. 10 February 2014. - Art Wheaton.

"Plateau of Percentage of Women in Workforce Baffles Economists."
The Wall Street Journal. 5 February 2014. - Francine Blau.

"Union rule despised by right-wingers now roaring back to life."
Salon. 5 February 2014. - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Pay Mix and Insurance Changes: Measuring one slice of the compensation pie."
Workspan. February 2014. - Kevin Hallock.

January 2014

"Report Opens Way to Approval for Keystone Pipeline."
The New York Times. 31 January 2014. - Global Labor Institute.

"Was Obama's State of the Union Right? Do Women Earn 77 Cents on a Man's Dollar?."
Bustle. 30 January 2014. - Francine Blau and Lawrence Kahn.

"College Football Players Seek to Form a Labor Union."
The Chronicle of Higher Education. 29 January 2014. - Ronald Ehrenberg.

"Stress is overlooked in Health and Safety Occupations."
International Business Times. 27 January 2014. - Nellie Brown.

"Herbert L. Haber, 89, Dies; Labor Negotiator in a Strike-Torn Era."
The New York Times. 26 January 2014. - Dave Lipsky.

"Wal-Mart case seen a key test in struggle over labor rights."
Reuters. 16 January 2014. - Michael Gold.

"U.S. accuses Wal-Mart of labor violations."
Los Angeles Times. 15 January 2014. - Richard Hurd.

"Right Job, Wrong Question."
The Wall Street Journal. 11 January 2014. - Risa Lieberwitz.

"How the Rise of Women in Labor Could Save the Movement."
The Nation. 10 January 2014.- Ileen DeVault.

"Why bossnappings and France are like baguette and brie"
Fortune. 8 January 2014. - Lowell Turner.

"Labor Goes Into Contract Talks No Longer 'Demonized'."
Labor Press. 8 January 2014. - Gene Carroll.

"H&M Plans to Pay Garment Workers Fair Wages. Here's Why That's Probably BS.."
Mother Jones. 6 January 2014. - Jefferson Cowie.