2013 News

December 2013

"Boost your professional skills with a certificate program"
Metro. December 30, 2013. - Janet Rizzuto.

"Labor complaint questions timing of Boeing vote"
The Hearld. December 24, 2013. - Art Wheaton.

"The stock market is not the economy! OK, what about GDP?"
Marketplace. December 20, 2013. - Linda Barrington and Michael Strain (ILR Alumnus).

"The Adjunct's Lament"
In These Times. December 19, 2013. - Kate Griffiths.

"MLB appoints Halem as EVP, labor relations"
MLB.com. December 12, 2013. - Dan Halem (ILR Alumnus).

"Trade Unions and Extending Solidarity to the Ecosystem"
GRITtv. December 10, 2013. - Sean Sweeney.

"Could union use NLRB as lever to keep 777X in Washington?"
Puget Sound Business Journal. December 10, 2013. - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"For Natural Adversary of the Bargaining Table, Labor Holds a Banquet"
New York Times. December 9, 2013. -Alex Colvin.

"Inside the Box: People don't actually like creativity"
Slate. December 6, 2013. - Jack Goncalo.

"Fast-food workers: Labor movement's new lease on life"
Fortune. December 5, 2013. - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Minimum Wage Battle"
WBEN 930am. December 4, 2013. - Art Wheaton.

"Americanized Labor Policy Is Spreading in Europe"
New York Times. December 3, 2013. - Lowell Turner.

"When Big Data Meets Human Resources"
The Huffington Post. December 3, 2013. - John Hausknecht.

"Wal-Mart's hot Black seller was a 29-cent towel"
MSNBC. December 2, 2013. - Louis Hyman.

"ATU Leader Gearing Up To Resist Privatization"
The Chief. December 2, 2013. - Ken Margolies.

"The Wage Gap vs. the Total Compensation Gap"
Workspan. December 2013. - Kevin Hallock.

November 2013

"Food stamp fraud not much of a problem in Pennsylvania"
Pocono Record. November 18, 2013. - John Bishop.

"Women who try to have it all will likely pay a mommy penalty"
MSN Money. November 18, 2013. - Francine Blau.

"First Hooters Girl Lynne Austin Looks Back After 30 Years"
AOL Jobs. November 9, 2013. - Ileen DeVault.

"Job seekers feel brunt of slow jobs recovery"
The Grio. November 9, 2013. - Linda Barrington.

"Equal pay day: a plea for transparency"
The Guardian. November 7, 2013. - Sam Bacharach.

"The 10 Best Professors at Cornell University"
Business Insider. November 7, 2013. -Christina Homrighouse.

"Obama Ally Poised to Lead UAW in Midst of Organizing Push"
Bloomberg. November 7, 2013. - Art Wheaton.

"Three Groups of Female Workers Outearn Their Male Counterparts"
AOL Jobs. November 6, 2013. - Linda Barrington.

"Many employers still reluctant to hire blind workers"
New York Daily News. November 4, 2013. - Employment and Disability Institute.

"For online professors, a celebrity side effect"
The Boston Globe. November 2, 2013. - Louis Hyman.

October 2013

"First-of-Its-Kind Online Master's Draws Wave of Applicants"
The Wall Street Journal. October 29, 2013. - Ron Ehrenberg.

"Workers with disabilities paid 10% less"
USA Today. October 23, 2013. - Kevin Hallock and Linda Barrington.

"BART Analysis"
KGO 810 News. October 23, 2013. - Ken Margolies.

"States Clamping Down on Workers Mislabeled as Contractors"
Bloomberg. October 18, 2013. - Linda Donahue.

"A day in the life of a Federal mediator for the BART strike"
Marketplace Business. October 18, 2013. - David Lipsky.

"VW Plant Opens Doors to Union and Dispute"
New York Times. October 10, 2013. - Rick Hurd.

"Mediation key to resolving labor disputes, divorce battles, why not the government shutdown?"
Minneapolis Star Tribune. October 10, 2013. - Rocco Scanza.

"UAW's Nissan confrontation contradicts conciliatory approach"
The Detroit News. October 10, 2013. -Lance Compa.

"What The Government Shutdown Means For Your Wallet"
Wallet Hub. October 8, 2013. - Art Wheaton.

"At a Nissan Plant in Mississippi, a Battle to Shape the U.A.W.'s future"
New York Times. October 6, 2013. -Lowell Turner.

"Why Should Stage Hands At Carnegie Hall Make $400,000?"
Forbes. October 4, 2013. -Lois Gray.

"Retail hiring gets high tech juice as holiday season nears"
CNBC. October 3, 2013. - John Hausknecht.

September 2013

"What you need to know before you talk about pay"
The Washington Post. September 27, 2013. - Kevin Hallock.

"To Address Gender Gap, Is It Enough to Lean In?"
New York Times. September 24, 2013. -Francine Blau and Larry Kahn.

"Walgreens moves workers to private health-care exchange"
The Washington Post. September 23, 2013. - Linda Barrington.

"MTA and transit workers union to have first contract negotiations in almost a year, with Hurricane Sandy response playing central role"
NY Daily News. September 20, 2013. - Lee Adler.

"As Tuition Costs Rise, Public Teachers Don't Earn More"
WNBC New York. September 19, 2013. - Ron Ehrenberg.

" Hamburg stamping plant expected to benefit from Ford's $682 million investment in Ontario factory"
The Buffalo News. September 19, 2013. - Art Wheaton.

"Walgreen Joins Exodus to Private Exchanges After Obamacare"
Bloomberg Businessweek. September 18, 2013. - Linda Barrington.

"Male-Female Pay Gap Hasn't Moved Much in Years"
Wall Street Journal. September 17, 2013. - Francine Blau.

"New labour, alt-labour"
The Economist. September 14, 2013. - Lowell Turner.

"GE ex-labor chief shifts sides to back retirees as benefits fade"
The Advocate. September 12, 2013. - Lance Compa.

"Cornell soccer player writes about being gay to help others"
Shreveport Times. September 12, 2013. - Beth Livingston and Atticus DeProspo (ILR Student).

"AFL-CIO Pledges Prison Reform, Partnerships and Accountable Organizing Plans"
The Nation. September 10, 2013. - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Labor giant AFL-CIO, at 'crossroads,' seeks reinvention"
Reuters. September 9, 2013. - Rick Hurd.

"It's OK to be an older worker; just don't lose your job"
CNBC. September 5, 2013. - Linda Barrington.

"The US labor movement is changing its game plan"
The Record. September 3, 2013. - Jeff Cowie.

"Performance Management: Reconciling Competing Priorities"
People & Strategy. September 3, 2013. - Chris Collins.

"Big labor reaches out to non-union workers"
Al Jazeera America. September 3, 2013. - Jeff Grabelsky.

"Ever revealed your earnings to a coworker?  Your answer will depend on your age"
The Economic Times. September 1, 2013. - Kevin Hallock.

August 2013

"US fast food workers strike to supersize wages"
Yahoo! News. August 29, 2013. - Jeff Cowie.

"How much will Microsoft pay its next CEO?"
Marketplace. August 28, 2013. - Kevin Hallock.

" Workers Expected to Protest Low Wages in 35 Cities"
Time. August 27, 2013. - Ron Ehrenberg.

"Why More Vacation Doesn't Always Mean Happier Workers"
The Atlantic. August 13, 2013. - Lowell Turner.

"Why 26% of U.S. women still choose not to work"
CNNMoney. August 13, 2013. - Francine Blau and Larry Kahn.

" LinkedIn connects big data, human resources"
The Washington Post. August 9, 2013. - Chris Collins.

"Using Social Media to Boost Ethics and Compliance"
SHRM. August 9, 2013. - Steve Miranda.

"Unions and the Nonprofit Workforce: A Few Considerations"
Nonprofit Quarterly. August 8, 2013. - Maria Figueroa.

"State of the Art in Performance Management"
HR People & Strategy. August 7, 2013. - Chris Collins and Brad Bell.

"Jobless Rate Falls For Blacks, But It's Not Good News Yet"
NPR. August 3, 2013. - Linda Barrington.

"Compensation Research Summer Camp: Emerging scholars share new research, extend professional network"
Workspan. August 2013. - Kevin Hallock.

July 2013

"Unable to Unionize, Workers Borrow Tactics From 'Occupy'"
Time. July 30, 2013. - Rick Hurd.

"How Public Opinion Can Effect BART Negotiations"
KGO 810 News. July 26, 2013. - Ken Margolies.

"Labor expert weighs in on drop in Buffalo Niagara unemployment"
WBFO-FM. July 25, 2013. - Art Wheaton.

"Thank You, Strike Again"
In These Times. July 25, 2013. - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

" Pro-Baby, but Stingy With Money to Support Them"
New York Times. July 23, 2013. - Francine Blau and Larry Kahn.

"Prospect D'Agostino has listened, learned from many"
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. July 22, 2013. - Nick D'Agostino (ILR Alumnus).

"Three Men, Three Ages. Which Do You Like?"
New York Times. July 22, 2013. - Sarah von Schrader.

"Families forced to cope with the rising cost of college"
The Columbus Dispatch. July 21, 2013. - Ron Ehrenberg.

"Bob Corker ties UAW to Detroit troubles"
Times Free Press. July 20, 2013. - Lowell Turner.

"Should We Fear 'the End of Work'?"
PBS Newshour. July 2013. - Lars Vilhuber and Steven Berkenfeld (ILR Alumnus).

"New Labor Law After Bangladesh Factory Collapse"
Epoch Times. July 16, 2013. - James Gross.

"From Health-Care Reform, Lessons for Education Policy"
Education Week. July 9, 2013. - Sally Klingel.

"BART Strike Day 2"
KGO 810 News. July 2, 2013. - Ken Margolies.

"Compensation Tournaments: Is performance better when pay only goes to the winner?"
Workspan. July 2013. - Kevin Hallock.

June 2013

"HR Can't Ignore Big Data"
Talent Management. June 28, 2013. - Chris Collins.

"Leadership Without Presumption: Lessons From Eisenhower"
Inc. Magazine. June 26, 2013. - Sam Bacharach.

"The Future of Fair Labor"
The New York Times. June 24, 2013. - Jeff Cowie.

"Teachers Put Hands Up For Thompson"
The Wall Street Journal. June 19, 2013. - Ken Margolies.

"Chrysler recalling millions of Jeeps"
WIVB-TV. June 19, 2013. - Art Wheaton.

"Paid to Die: The Workplace Death Toll Marches On"
Epoch Times. June 17, 2013. - James Gross.

"The Unspoken Stigma of Workplace Flexibility"
New York Times. June 14, 2013. - Francinecine Blau and Lawrence Kahn.

"Cooper: No sudden changes expected"
The Courier. June 14, 2013. - Sarosh Kuruvilla and Art Wheaton.

"Professional Temporary Workers on the Rise"
Epoch Times. June 6, 2013. - Pam Tolbert.

"No record of academy head's doctoral degree"
The Boston Globe. June 4, 2013. - Ron Ehrenberg.

"Rise of the Quants"
HR Executive Online. June 3, 2013. -John Hausknecht.

"Though breadwinners, women continue to earn less than men"
Deseret News. June 3, 2013. - Francinecine Blau.

"Union Hopes Pot Bet Pays Off"
The Wall Street Journal. June 2, 2013. -Lowell Turner.

"CEO Pay and Layoffs: Does employee downsizing increase top executive compensation?"
Workspan. June 2013. - Kevin Hallock.

May 2013

"Lifespan gap between less-educated white women, counter parts growing"
CBS News. May 31, 2013. - Arun Karpur.

"Chicago Hotel Workers End Strike After 10 Years"
ABC News. May 31, 2013. - Ileen DeVault.

"Notable former NBA players who became coaches"
Deseret Morning News. May 30, 2013. - Larry Kahn.

"Majority of New Hires Say Job Is Not What They Expected"
SHRM.org. May 28, 2013. - Steve Miranda.

"After Bangladesh, labor unions can save lives"
The Washington Post. May 26, 2013. -Lance Compa.

"Why Pretty Much Everyone Thinks They're Underpaid"
Business Insider. May 23, 2013. - Kevin Hallock.

"Should Disability Be Disclosed On The Job?"
Forbes. May 21, 2013. - ILR School.

"Rethinking the virtues of owning your home"
Arizona Daily Star. May 17, 2013. - Louis Hyman.

"NLRB pursuing settlements, despite Noel Canning decision"
Reuters. May 16, 2013. -ILR School.

"Who is IRS Acting Commissioner Daniel Werfel?"
The Washington Post. May 16, 2013. - Daniel Werfel (ILR Alumnus).

"Wal-Mart Lays Out Own Bangladesh Safety Plan"
Wall Street Journal. May 14, 2013. -James Gross.

"Scandal fatigue clouds Capitol"
Times Union. May 13, 2013. - Jack Goncalo.

"USC steals 2 star brain researchers from UCLA"
Los Angeles Times. May 10, 2013. - Ron Ehrenberg.

"Connecting Work/Life Balance to Turnover"
HR Executive. May 9, 2013. - Beth Livingston.

"Fixing the Disconnect in Talent Decision Making"
Wall Street Journal. May 8, 2013. - Chris Collins.

"Effects of the Sequester"
New Mobility Magazine. May 2013. - Ray Cebula.

"How Many Jobs Will Be Created By Keystone XL?"
Forbes. May 10, 2013. - Global Labor Institute.

"Court rules employers don't need to display union information posters"
CPA Practice Advisor. May 8, 2013. - Richard Hurd.

"Surprise fast food strike planned in St. Louis"
Salon. May 8, 2013. - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Battle at Kaiser Permanente is sign of vibrant unions in healthcare"
Reuters. May 7, 2013. - Alex Colvin.

"How 30-Year Mortgages Saved the Housing Market"
Bloomberg. May 2, 2013. - Louis Hyman.

"Union support for immigration reform wasn't always a sure thing"
Medill News Service. May 2, 2013. - Gene Carroll and Ileen DeVault.

"Less job security for women? Blame paid maternity leave"
West - Welfare Society Territory. May 2, 2013. - Francinecine Blau and Lawrence Kahn.

"NLRB is casualty of larger political battle"
Reuters. May 1, 2013. - Cornell ILR School.

April 2013

"7 Rules For Starting A New Job On The Right Foot"
Business Insider. April 24, 2013. - John Bishop.

"4 Reasons Your Employees Resist Change"
Inc. Magazine. April 17, 2013.– Sam Bacharach.

"Workers Share Their Salary Secrets"
Wall Street Journal. April 16, 2013. - Kevin Hallock.

"Elmira Equal Pay Day calls attention to gender-based pay inequity"
Star-Gazette. April 9, 2013. - Pam Tolbert.

"In History Departments, It's Up With Capitalism"
The New York Times. April 6, 2013. - Louis Hyman.

"UAW chums it up with VW"
The Tennessean. April 6, 2013. - Lowell Turner.

"Fast food workers plan surprise strike"
Salon. April 4, 2013. - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Lean In, Dad: How Shared Diaper Duty Could Stimulate the Economy"
The New York Times. April 2, 2013. - Francinecine D. Blau and Lawrence M. Kahn.

"Will paid sick days for all NYC workers move across the country?"
KPCC-FM. April 1, 2013. - Ken Margolies.

March 2013

"Why are Americans in so much debt?"
KALW 91.7 FM. March 25, 2013. - Louis Hyman.

"Tough Laws, Reduced Ranks Have Effect On Unions"
The Huffington Post. March 23, 2013. - Jefferson Cowie.

"Tackling Concerns of Independent Workers"
The New York Times. March 23, 2013. - Sara Horowitz (ILR Alumna).

"Sick day madness: The worst absentee days at work"
MSN. March 21, 2013. - John Hausknecht.

"Why finding work in China's rural interior is empowering migrant workers"
GlobalPost. March 17, 2013. - Eli Friedman.

"How Alzheimer's Will Change Your Workplace"
U.S. News & World Report. March 14, 2013. - Linda Barrington.

"What Does the Fortune 1,000 Survey on Mediation, Arbitration and Conflict Management Portend for International Arbitration?"
Kluwer Arbitration Blog. March 14, 2013. - Scheinman Institute.

"HR Executives: Analytics Role Needs Higher Profile"
DataInformed. March 13, 2013. - Chris Collins.

" Flipped classrooms: homework in class, online lectures at home"
St. Louis Post-Dispatch. March 8, 2013. - Ron Ehrenberg.

"Electric Dreams Shatter, What's Next for Carmakers?"
Fox Business Network. March 8, 2013. - Art Wheaton.

"Obama's Choice: Ethical Energy or 'The Devil's Excrement'"
Think Progress. March 6, 2013. - Global Labor Institute.

"Women hit harder by government job cuts"
San Francinecisco Chronicle. March 2, 2013. - Francine Blau.

"Valuing Employee Stock Options"
Workspan. March 2013. - Kevin Hallock.

February 2013

"Women Trail in U.S. Employment Gains as Governments Cut"
Bloomberg. February 27, 2013. - Francinecine Blau.

"Don't believe Apple"
Salon. February 27, 2013. - Eli Friedman.

"New Chair Lift Pool Sign Launched For Persons with Disabilities"
Yahoo! Finance. February 26, 2013. - LaWanda Cook.

"Auto boom means dramatic growth for Nissin Brake"
The Courier. February 25, 2013. - Pam Tolbert and Arthur Wheaton.

"Mayo, a financial powerhouse, is poised to propel expansion"
Minnesota Public Radio. February 25, 2013. - Joe Grasso.

"Alliance goals are attracting, keeping businesses"
The Courier. February 25, 2013. - Janet Rizzuto.

"Work Absences Hit Five-Year High in January"
US News & World Report. February 22, 2013. - Ron Ehrenberg.

"Will Pennsylvania Become the Next State to Weaken Unions?"
Campus Progress.org. February 21, 3013, - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Minimum wage hike gets support from low-pad New Yorkers"
Newsday. February 19, 2013. - Matthew Freedman.

"More Questions Than Answers on Impact Of Noel Canning Decision, Block Suggests"
Bloomberg BNA. February 19, 2013. - Cornell Labor and Employment Law Program.

"Preschool Economics"
The New York Times. February 18, 2013. - Francinecine Blau and Lawrence Kahn.

"Rep. Charles Rangel wants women to register with Selective Service"
Detroit Free Press. February 16, 2013. - Beth Livingston.

"Ten Things Credit Bureaus Won't Tell You"
The Wall Street Journal. February 15, 2013. - Louis Hyman.

"A Decade On, Freelancers Union Founder Sara Horowitz Takes Her Fight Mainstream"
The Village Voice. February 13, 2013. - Sara Horowitz (ILR Alumna).

"Slain 1913 striker's struggle continues"
Democrat and Chronicle. February 9, 2013. - Linda Donahue.

"Workers with Disabilities Add Business Benefits"
MSN Money. February 7, 2013. - Susanne Bruyere and EDI.

"If not unions, then what?"
Bloomington Pantagraph. February 2, 2013. - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Driven by a Sense of Public Service"
Dimensions. February 2013. - Laura Hertzog.

"Pay and Relative Income Within Couples"
Workspan. February 2013. -Kevin Hallock.

January 2013

"The Pay Gap"
WYPR, January 30, 2013. - Linda Barrington.

"Will "alt-labor" replace unions?"
Salon. January 29, 2013. - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Awards overkill?"
KPCC-FM. January 28, 2013. - Beth Livingston.

"Christie Vetoes Bill to Raise Minimum Pay"
Wall Street Journal. January 28, 2013. - Linda Barrington.

"Union membership continues half-century decline"
MSNBC. January 23, 2013. - ILR School.

"Group helps young professionals network, build careers, volunteer"
The Courier. January 21, 2013. - Janet Rizzuto.

"The U.S. Gets Left Behind When It Comes to Working Women"
Forbes. January 16 2013. - Francinecine Blau and Lawrence Kahn.

"Global Touch"
Certified Magazine. Winter 2013. - Chris Collins.

"The Best Way To Negotiate Is To 'Paint A Picture Of Your Opponent's Pain'"
Business Insider. January 9, 2013. - Beth Livingston.

"Arbitration a toss-up in Yonkers' contract spat with firefighters"
Newsday. January 7, 2013. - Lee Adler.

"Why Ports Are the New Factories"
Huffinton Post. January 3, 2013. - Louis Hyman.

"Presidential Pay: Oval Office executive compensation"
Workspan. January 2013. - Kevin Hallock.