2012 News

December 2012

"Major Port Strike Averted - For Now"
NPR. December 28, 2012. - Rick Hurd.

"More private colleges holding line on tuition"
The Washington Post. December 27, 2012. - Ron Ehrenberg.

"Christmas Ornaments, Child Labor"
The New York Times. December 24, 2012. - Marjorie Wood (Visiting Assistant Professor).

"The Great Walmart Walkout"
The Nation. December 20, 2012. - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"The New Face Of The Union Movement: Female, Minority -- And Poorly Paid"
AOL Jobs. December 19, 2012. - Lowell Turner.

"Walmart tells workers that if they unionize, bonuses and vacations 'might go away'"
Daily KOS. December 18, 2012. - Lance Compa.

"Who Can Still Afford State U?"
Yahoo! Finance. December 17, 2012. - Ron Ehrenberg.

"Pot legal in some states, but using it might breach employee rules"
The Times-Tribune. December 16, 2012. - John Bishop.

"In Midwest Union Fights, Michigan Shows 2010 Election Still Trumps 2012"
NPR. December 14, 2012. - Lee Adler.

"JFK Guards Set to Strike in Union Bid"
Wall Street Journal, December 13, 2012. - Ken Margolies.

"Michigan bills weakening union power signed into law"
CNN Money. December 11, 2012. - Rick Hurd.

"Top Athlete Pay: Is all talent at the top earning more?"
Workspan. December 2012 - Kevin Hallock.

November 2012

"Fast Food Strikes In NYC Hit Wendy's, Burger King, McDonald's As Workers Demand Better Pay"
The Huffington Post. November 29, 2012. - Ken Margolies.

"In Drive to Unionize, Fast-Food Workers Walk Off the Job"
The New York Times. November 28, 2012. - Richard Hurd.

"How US automakers turned things around"
Bankrate.com. November 26, 2012. - Art Wheaton.

"Thousands protest in Bangladesh, blaze draws U.S. scrutiny"
Reuters. November 26, 2012. - James Gross.

"Shoppers put technology to use"
The Courier.com. November 23, 2012. - Louis Hyman.

"Walmart Asks a Judge to Block Historic Strikes"
The Nation. November 19, 2012. - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Costly Degrees in HR Could Be Wise Choice vs. Certification"
Workforce Management. November 19, 2012. - Chris Collins.

"Why Mommy Can't Get Ahead"
Bloomberg Businessweek. November 16, 2012. - Francine Blau and Lawrence Kahn.

"Wal-Mart workers plan Black walkout"
CNN. November 16, 2012. - Ken Margolies.

"Negotiating Salary"
Diversity Women. Fall 2012 - Laura Hertzog.

"Hyatt Regency hotel faces federal labor complaint"
The Baltimore Sun. November 13, 2012. - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Using Debt Wisely"
Boston Review. November 12, 2012. - Louis Hyman.

"Statewide Survey To Review Policies for Developmentally Disabled"
Jamestown Post Journal. November 11, 2012. - Nancy Hinkley.

"Does Rejection Bolster Creativity?"
Chief Learning Officer. November 9, 2012. - Jack Goncalo.

"Economic Effects on the Minimum Wage"
Workspan. November 2012 - Kevin Hallock.

"Women's Pay Gap Explained"
Financial Security Project. November 8, 2012. - Francine Blau.

"Obamacare Layoffs: Georgia Businessman Claims He Fired Workers Because Obama Won"
Huffington Post. November 8, 2012. - Risa Lieberwitz.

"Why He Won: A Lesson in What People Really Want in a Leader"
Inc.com. November 7, 2012. - Sam Bacharach.

"Mean People Make More"
DenPubs. November 6, 2012. - Beth Livingston.

"Unions prod infrequent voters to vote early, saying these voters have the power to decide the election"
Plain Dealer. November 3, 2012. - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"The Art of Badmouthing Good Jobs News"
Time. November 2, 2012. - Institute for Compensation Studies.

October 2012

"What would Romney mean for working people?"
ILCA Reporter. October 31, 2012. - Jeff Grabelsky, Maria Figueroa and Lowell Turner.

"Political Polls: Should You Trust Them?"
WHCU. October 30, 2012. - John Bunge.

"Ford posts $1.6 billion profit despite Europe"
USA Today. October 30, 2012. - Art Wheaton.

"In China, investors follow migrant workers from coast to the inland region"
Quartz. October 29, 2012. - Eli Friedman.

"Employers get control by turning to lockouts"
Star Tribune. October 28, 2012. - Rick Hurd.

"Look at Costs of Layaway"
The Wall Street Journal. October 28, 2012. - Louis Hyman.

"Calling All Siblings of Special Needs Kids"
Examiner.com. October 27, 2012. - Nancy Hinkley and Sara von Schrader.

"Retention Surveys Reveal Gaps"
Human Resource Executive Online. October 25, 2012. - John Hausknecht.

"How Social Rejection Can Make You More Creative"
Business Insider. October 23, 2012. - Lynne Vincent and Jack Goncalo.

"Wage gap starts right after college, research shows"
LifeInc.. October 23, 2012. - Fran Blau.

"The Keystone Shutdown: Talking Tar Sands Pipelines With Lara Skinner"
NPR. October 19, 2012. - Lara Skinner.

"When the Boss Is on Team Romney"
Bloomberg. October 19, 2012. - Risa Lieberwitz.

"Piece of the Paycheck"
USA Today. October 18, 2012. - Kevin Hallock.

"Why Are Women Paid Less?"
The Atlantic. October 17, 2012. - Francine Blau and Larry Kahn.

"Walmart Strike Memo Reveals Confidential Management Plans"
The Huffington Post. October 16, 2012. - Lance Compa.

"On the Road With Working America"
The Nation. October 11, 2012. - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Mistletoe and…Layaway? The Popular Holiday Payment Plan Makes a Comeback"
Fox Business. October 10, 2012. - Louis Hyman.

"Tompkins County tests new plan to work from home"
Ithaca Journal. October 10, 2012. - Lee Dyer.

"Discouraged Workers: Ashamed, Invisible And An Enduring Statistic"
AOL Jobs. October 5, 2012. - Steve Miranda.

"Unexpected Job Numbers Reflect Demographic Destiny"
The Fiscal Times. October 5, 2012. - Linda Barrington.

"How to Prime Your BS Detection Skills Before the Presidential Debates"
Lifehacker, October 3, 2012. - Sam Nelson.

"Too High a Price?"
Inside Higher Ed. October 1, 2012. - Ron Ehrenberg.

"How the Olympics Remind Us About Compensation"
Workspan, October 2012 - Kevin Hallock.

September 2012

"In NFL ref woes, key role of expertise spotlighted"
Associated Press. September 27, 2012. - Ken Margolies.

"How to Lead Creative Geeks"
Inc. Magazine. September 26, 2012. - Sam Bacharach and Jack Goncalo.

"Possibility of NFL Refs Settling With NFL"
WBEN-AM. September 26, 2012. - Art Wheaton.

"Danny Glover Visits Cornell"
WBNG Action News. September 25, 2012. - ILR School and Bruce Raynor (ILR Alumnus).

"Seeking Allies, Teachers' Unions Court G.O.P., Too"
New York Times. September 25, 2012. - Rick Hurd.

"Why China's labor unrest isn't like the US in the 1930s. (At least, not yet.)"
Quartz. September 24, 2012. - Eli Friedman.

"Cornell Launches Worker Institute"
LERA. September 17, 2012. - ILR School and Lowell Turner.

"CEOs off the Clock"
Workspan. September 2012 - Kevin Hallock.

"CHRO Succession at the Crossroads"
Human Resource Executive. September 2012 - Cornell Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies (CAHRS).

"Mitt Romney's Disastrous Energy Plan"
Rolling Stone. September 14, 2012. - Sean Sweeney.

"In Defense of Teacher Strikes"
The Atlantic. September 12, 2012. - James Gross.

"Seeking the truth during campaign season"
YNN. September 12, 2012. - Sam Nelson.

"Critics offer caution on consumer layaway programs"
Miami Herald. September 10, 2012. - Louis Hyman.

"Chicago Teachers' Strike Poses Test For Unions Across Nation"
WBEN. September 10, 2012. - Art Wheaton.

"Striking today is rare, tough relationships after are not"
Lima News. September 9, 2012. - Lee Adler.

"National Employer Technical Assistance Center and DirectEmployers Association Partner to Promote Employment of People with Disabilities"
Rock Hill Herald. September 5, 2012. - Employment and Disability Institute (EDI).

"Managing union management"
New Unionism. September 2012 - Ken Margolies.

"Get Moving"
SHRM. September 1, 2012. - Steve Miranda.

"Group Mentality"
  International Innovation. September 2012 - Edward Lawler.

August 2012

"General Motors and LG expand partnership to create more electric car innovations"
Consumer Digest. August 31, 2012. - Arthur Wheaton.

"The Role of Money in Politics: Extreme Energy Edition"
Huffington Post. August 30, 2012. - Global Labor Institute (GLI).

"A Guide To Spotting Pretzel Logic On The Campaign Trail"
NPR. August 25, 2012. - Sam Nelson.

"Revenge of the nerds: Social rejection can 'lead to imaginative thinking and strong independence'"
Daily Mail. August 22, 2012. - Jack Goncalo and Lynne Vincent.

"Why we're paid what we're paid"
Marketplace. August 22, 2012. - Kevin Hallock and Yelena Shur '12.

"Vets' Job Hunt May Be Thwarted By Disability Bias"
NPR. August 21, 2012. - Hannah Rudstam /p>.

"With end of long strike at Caterpillar, a blow to US labor movement"
Christian Science Monitor. August 20, 2012. - Richard Hurd.

"Wal-Mart Stores extends holiday layaway program"
NBC News. August 20, 2012 - Louis Hyman.

"Union membership spike runs contrary to trend"
Buffalo Business First. August 17, 2012. - Lou Jean Fleron.

"Cornell ILR School Launching Institute To Link Labor Educators, Practitioners"
Bloomberg BNA Daily Report. August 17, 2012. - Lowell Turner, Jeff Grabelsky, Marc Bayard.

"Freakonomics Goes to College"
Freakonomics Radio. August 16, 2012. - Ron Ehrenberg.

"U.S. Chamber Releases Fantasy Study Alleging Union Favoritism In Pennsylvania Law"
MarketWatch. August 9, 2012. - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"The Contradictions of Bargaining"
Labor Press. August 7, 2012. - Ken Margolies.

"Vacation as Compensation"
Workspan. August 2012 - Kevin Hallock.

July 2012

"The 5 Traits of High-Potential Employees"
Inc. Magazine. July 30, 2012. - Sam Bacharach.

"Mayor Bloomberg Flirts With Violating the Taylor Law"
New York Magazine. July 24, 2012. - Alex Colvin.

" Public Perception Weighs Heavily on Con Ed Lock Out"
Labor Press. July 24, 2012. - Ken Margolies.

"Internships give students a chance to learn meaning of 'community'"
Buffalo News. July 19, 2012. - Lou Jean Fleron.

"Wellness Games Encourage a Fitter Workforce"
Bloomberg Businessweek. July 19, 2012. - Brad Bell.

"Happy ending follows a rare strike at Sorrento"
Buffalo News. July 15, 2012. - Lou Jean Fleron.

"Susie Porter, who once ran the Town Fryer restaurant, is heading off to college -- at the age of 54"
Plain Dealer. July 9, 2012. - Ian Schachner (ILR Alumnus/Staff).

"Incoming PEF team cleans house"
Albany Times Union. July 12, 2012. - Lee Adler.

"Tally of Job Creation By Bain Proves Vexing"
The Wall Street Journal. July 11, 2012. - John Abowd.

"ConEd Tackles Union Tasks"
The Wall Street Journal. July 9, 2012. - Ken Margolies.

"In Ads, the Workers Rise Up...and Go to Lunch"
New York Times. July 7, 2012. - Harry Katz.

"Adjustments Behind The Numbers Shape Job News"
NPR, July 7, 2012. - Linda Barrington.

"Looking for job security in a union shop"
Yahoo Finance. July 4, 2012. - Alex Colvin.

"Paying Professors: Academic freedom or job with no pay raises"
Workspan. July 2012 - Kevin Hallock.

June 2012

"Student Loan Rates To Remain Low, For Now"
Forbes. June 30, 2012. - Ron Ehrenberg.

"LGBT: Progress and Problems in the Workplace"
The Glass Hammer. June 25, 2012 - Laura Hertzog.

"Going Places: Global Relocation Rebounds"
Workforce. June 22, 2012. - Chris Collins.

"5 Retention Strategies for a High Performance Environment"
Software Advice. June 21, 2012. - Steve Miranda.

"Why Women Get Paid Less Than Men"
Businessweek. June 21, 2012. - Fran Blau and Larry Kahn.

"Public-Workers' Union Regroups After Wisconsin To Plot Comeback"
Bloomberg. June 18, 2012. - Rick Hurd.

"Leading Teams: Find the Right Balance Between Hands-on and Hands-off"
Inc. Magazine. June 18, 2012. - Sam Bacharach.

"Does Graduating in a Bad Economy Penalize Your Pay for Life?"
Workspan. June 2012 - Kevin Hallock.

"Motherhood Still a Cause of Pay Inequality"
New York Times. June 13, 2012. - Fran Blau and Larry Kahn.

"Ambitious AAUP Effort to Guide Relations Between Academics and Industry Meets Resistance"
The Chronicle of Higher Education. June 13, 2012. - Risa Lieberwitz.

"SHRM-Cornell Survey Suggests Pathways To Retain, Promote Workers With Disabilities"
Bloomberg BNA. June 13, 2012. - Susanne M. Bruyère.

"Public unions face uncertain future"
Wisconsin State Journal. June 10, 2012. - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"For Labor, a Fight to Lead Heats Up"
New York Times. June 8, 2012. - Richard Hurd.

"How Consumer Loans Saved the Banking Industry"
Bloomberg. June 6, 2012. - Louis Hyman.

"Unions, at Center of Wisconsin Recall Vote, Suffer a New Setback in Its Outcome"
New York Times. June 6, 2012. - Harry Katz.

"What Wisconsin's Recall Means For Labor Unions"
NPR. June 6, 2012. - Lee Adler.

"Pushing Back Against Critics, NYU Powers Ahead With Expansion Plan"
WNYC. June 5, 2012. - Ron Ehrenberg.

"Why Women's Pay Growth Slows at Age 30 and Peaks by 39"
Forbes. June 1, 2012. - Fran Blau.

May 2012

"Pressure on the picket line"
Chicago Tribune. May 27, 2012. - Alex Colvin.

"Cross-Sector Project Takes New Approach to Employment of Ex-Offenders"
MarketWatch. May 31, 2012. - Esta Bigler.

"The case for telling everyone what you make"
Salon. May 31, 2012. - Linda Barrington.

"Selling out public schools"
Salon. May 30, 2012. - Ron Ehrenberg.

"Job Gains Made by Black Women"
The Network Journal. May 25, 2012. - Laura Hertzog.

"Frauds, Swingers and the Odd Early Days of Credit Cards"
Bloomberg. May 24, 2012. - Louis Hyman.

"Keystone XL Would Raise Gas Prices"
Nation of Change. May 23, 2012. - Global Labor Institute.

"State workers share $138M in longevity increases"
Timesunion.com. May 17, 2012. - Lee Adler.

"ADAAA: Think Outside the Silo"
DMEC's @Work magazine. May 2012 - Judy Young and Susan Brecher.

"Lonely at the top"
The Economist. May 11, 2012. - Pam Tolbert.

"TRW's demands for shift changes in Auburn plant are part of national trend"
Syracuse Post-Standard. May 10, 2012. - Art Wheaton.

"Common sense not always so common"
Chippewa Herald. May 9, 2012. - Fran Blau and Larry Kahn.

"Unions Confront Rising Tide"
Wall Street Journal. May 6, 2012. -Harry Katz.

"At California State, Protesters Start a Fast"
New York Times. May 5, 2012. - Ron Ehrenberg.

"Wall Street's Legal Magic Ends an American Right"
Bloomberg. May 3, 2012. - Alex Colvin.

"The Gender Pay Gap: Fact or Fiction?"
NPR. May 3, 2012. - Linda Barrington.

"Wal-Mart worker wants CEO fired"
MSNBC. May 1, 2012. - Lee Adler.

"Genworth Announces Two Leadership Changes in Mortgage Insurance Businesses"
The Sacramento Bee. May 1, 2012. - Kevin Schneider (ILR Alumnus).

"Governance and Executive Compensation in Nonprofits"
Workspan. May 2012 - Kevin Hallock.

April 2012

"Blacks in South L.A. have a bleaker jobs picture than in 1992"
Los Angeles Times. April 28, 2012. - Vernon Briggs.

"NLRB To Target Gym Chain Over Class Waivers In Worker Pacts"
Law360. April 27, 2012. - ILR School.

"The First Time Mortgage-Backed Securities Failed"
Bloomberg Businessweek. April 26, 2012. - Louis Hyman.

"Unemployment is a special challenge for veterans"
Los Angeles Times. April 26, 2012. - Hannah Rudstam.

"More schools vary tuition by major"
USA Today. April 25, 2012. - Ron Ehrenberg.

"Catcalling men targeted by new girl power team of lady pols and Boerum hill blogger maven"
NY Daily News. April 23, 2012. - KC Wagner.

"Number of Americans on Disability up 53 Percent"
FoxDC.com. April 21, 2012. - Thomas Golden.

"Kasich Office Shows Gender Wage Gap"
Cincinnati City Beat. April 19, 2012. - Francine Blau and Larry Kahn.

"Equal Pay Day: It's Time to Close the Earnings Gap"
Huffington Post. April 17, 2012. - Francine Blau and Larry Kahn.

"Supreme Court enters decades-old overtime debate"
Marketplace. April 16, 2012. - Marc Bayard.

"Port Authority moves to curb unions' bargaining powers"
North Jersey.com. April 12, 2012. - Lee Adler.

"Keystone pipeline to employ 20,000"
PolitiFact. April 11, 2012. - Global Labor Institute.

"Tuition Model Quietly Spreading"
Inside Higher Ed. April 9, 2012. - Ron Ehrenberg.

"Why Do We Tip?"
Workspan. April 2012 - Kevin Hallock.

"Overlook safety at your peril"
Waste & Recycling News. April 2012 - Nellie Brown.

"Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee Hearing"
Insurance News Net. March 23, 2012. - Employment and Disability Institute.

"Is becoming a lawyer a bad investment?"
Time Magazine. April 9, 2012. - Linda Barrington and Kevin Hallock.

"Expanding Title VII to Cover Union Organizing"
Huffington Post. April 4, 2012. - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"To raise labor standards, foster immigrants' rights"
Iowa City Press. April 2, 2012. - Lance Compa.

"TWU Leader Won't Disown 'Occupy' for Fare-Beating"
The Chief. April 2, 2012. - Ken Margolies.

"At Westchester Medical Center, executives get raises, others lose jobs"
The Journal News. April 1, 2012. - Kevin Hallock.

"Health Care Expenditure Among People With Disabilities"
Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin. April 2012 - Arun Karpur and Susanne M. Bruyère.

March 2012

"The Bat Segundo Show: Louis Hyman"
Reluctant Habits. March 27, 2012. - Louis Hyman.

"Colleges more often hiring part-timers"
STL Today. March 25, 2012. - Ron Ehrenberg.

"Where Jobs Are (and Aren't) Growing"
U.S. News & World Report, March 26, 2012. - Matthew Freedman.

"In Certain Jobs, Supervisor Support Can Reduce Absenteeism"
Lab Manager Magazine. March 26, 2012. - Peter Bamberger (Smithers Institute).

"TWU Westchester Bus Members Get 10% Hike But Take Health Hit"
The Chief. March 23, 2012. - Ken Margolies.

"Shared services gaining ground in higher education"
Yale Daily News. March 23, 2012. - Joseph Grasso.

"Visiting professor defends private school costs in lecture"
Marquette Tribune. March 22, 2012. - Ron Ehrenberg.

"Face the facts: A fact check on gas prices"
CBS News. March 22, 2012. - Global Labor Institute.

"City of Kent names new employee services director"
Kent Reporter. March 19, 2012. - Lorraine Patterson (ILR Alumna).

"Rebellious unions upend German order"
MinnPost. March 13, 2012. - Lowell Turner.

"Debt, the American Way"
The Wall Street Journal. March 10, 2012. - Louis Hyman.

"Massive Kinked Bonuses"
Workspan. March 2012 - Kevin Hallock.

"United Realty Partners Appoints Senior Acquisition Team"
ILR Newswire. March 8, 2012. - Jesse Stein (ILR Alumnus).

"Why Public Universities Are Now a Bad Bargain for the Middle Class"
Daily Finance. March 7, 2012. - Ron Ehrenberg.

"Montefiore's Partnership With 1199 SEIU Improves Patient Care"
MarketWatch. March 7, 2012. - Peter Lazes.

"How The Internet Has Changed The Job Hunt"
The 99 Percent.com. March 7, 2012. - Willy Franzen (ILR Alumnus).

"Borrow: The American Way of Debt"
WSKG. March 6, 2012. - Louis Hyman.

"MKM Partners Expands TMT Practice With Key Hires in Research, Sales & Trading"
PR Newswire. March 6, 2012. - Israel Hernandez (ILR Alumnus).

"How to Practice the Reverse Peter Principle"
New York Times. March 3, 2012. - Tracy Dolgin (ILR Alumnus).

"One Year Later, Impact of ‘Great Tohoku’ Quake Still Being Felt"
Newswise. March 2, 2012. - Art Wheaton.

"Labor Law and Security Experts Testify About Workers' Rights Violations at Loomis"
PR Newswire. March 1, 2012. - Lance Compa.

February 2012

"Growing Home Care Industry May Have to Raise Pay"
Bloomberg Businessweek. February 28, 2012. - Rebecca Givan.

"Restaurant Workers Group Targets Darden In Race-Discrimination Lawsuit"
AOL Jobs. February 28, 2012. - Risa Lieberwitz.

"NY looks to reform laws governing nonprofits"
The Daily Mail. February 24, 2012. - Harry Katz.

"Union forges a new alliance with carwash workers"
Los Angeles Times. February 22, 2012. - Richard Hurd.

"Louis Hyman, Author of Borrowed, Sees Fundamental Flaws in the American Economy"
Benzinga. February 21, 2012. - Louis Hyman.

"Labor-management partnership lauded at Kaiser Permanente in San Rafael"
Marin Independent Journal. February, 17, 2012. - Peter Lazes.

"A.G. Schneiderman Announces Bold Plan to Revitalize and Reform New York's Nonprofit Sector"
U.S. Official News. February 16, 2012. - Harry Katz.

"Where the Jobs Are: Employment Trends and Analysis"
Energy & Commerce Committee. February 15, 2012. - John Abowd.

"Keystone’s Thousands of Jobs Fall to 20 When Pipeline Opens"
Bloomberg. February 14, 2012. - Lara Skinner.

"About 500 turn out to mark beginning of fight"
Wisconsin State Journal. February 12, 2012. - Ileen DeVault.

"'Free Market' Will Lead to Lower Tuition? Good Luck."
Huffington Post. February 10, 2012. - Ron Ehrenberg.

"CPR Institute Presents Harold Moskowitz with Distinguished Service Award"
Wilson Elsner News. February 7, 2012. - Abhishek Gupta (ILR Alumnus).

" Nurses, Hospital Avert Strike"
Queens Tribune. February 9, 2012. - Rebecca Givan.

"Cooper Lockout: How Negotiations Work"
WFIN-AM. February 7, 2012. -  Ken Margolies.

"Union-management partnership at Fletcher Allen Health Care improves patient care"
VT Digger. February 6, 2012. -  Peter Lazes.

"Culture and Norms Affect Immigrant Women's Work"
National Bureau of Economic Research. February 3, 2012. - Francine Blau and Lawrence Kahn.

"The House That George Romney Built"
New York Times. February 1, 2012. - Louis Hyman.

"Federal Government Pay Tops Businesses: CBO Report"
ABC News. February 1, 2012. - Linda Barrington.

"Where Indiana Goes, So Goes the Nation"
The American Prospect. February 1, 2012. - Jeff Cowie.

"Go Big - The Firm-Size Pay (and Pay-Mix) Effect"
Workspan. February 2012 - Kevin Hallock.

January 2012

"Taking the Pulse on the ADA Amendments Act"
Bloomberg BNA. January 30, 2012. - Judy Young .

"The powerful illusion of thrift"
NY Daily News. January 29, 2011, - Louis Hyman.

"Power makes people feel taller"
The Telegraph. January 27, 2012. - Jack Goncalo.

"Gas prices at all-time January high"
YNN. January 18, 2012. - Art Wheaton.

"Internal competition at work: Worth the trouble?"
Fortune. January 25, 2012. - Michael Serino.

"Center for Union Facts Steps Up $10 Million Ad Campaign Backing Broad Anti-Union Bill"
In These Times. January 24, 2012. - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Part-time faculty union to enter mediation with system over contract"
The Maine Campus. January 19, 2012. - Ron Ehrenberg.

"New ads reignite fight over Keystone XL jobs figures"
Los Angeles Times. January 17, 2012. - Sean Sweeney.

"NFL Players Association urges Cooper to end worker lockout"
The Courier. January 17, 2012. - Harry Katz.

"Power Makes People Feel Taller"
Business News Daily. January 17, 2012. - Jack Goncalo.

"The evolution of American debt"
Salon. January 14, 2012. - Louis Hyman.

"New Laws Now Evaluated by Job Creation"
New York Times. January 13, 2012. - John Abowd.

"'Occupy' Movement"
CQ Researcher. January 13, 2012. - Ken Margolies.

"Nurses slam Flushing Hospital for suspending pension"
Times Ledger. January 13, 2012. - Ken Margolies.

WBEN. January 11, 2012. - Art Wheaton.

"With Romney’s Backing, New Hampshire GOP Pushes Right to Work Again"
In These Times. January 10, 2012. - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Economist reflects on the nation's current job landscape"
Reuters. January 6, 2012. - John Abowd.

"Labor Board Backs Workers on Joint Arbitration Cases"
The New York Times. January 6, 2012. - Alex Colvin.

"Labor Takes Aim at Walmart—Again"
The Nation. January 4, 2012. - Lance Compa.

"Powerful people think they're taller than they really are, claim researchers"
Daily Mail. January 3, 2012. - Jack Goncalo.

"Nothing Lasts Forever - A Different Way to Structure Severance"
Workspan. January 2012 - Kevin Hallock.

"Shift Work and Working Long Hours: Risks and Risk Reduction"
Clear Waters. January 2012 - Nellie Brown.