2006 News

December 2006

"Pfizer Vice President Fred Telling to Join Board of Directors of Cell Therapeutics"
Health Business Week. December 29, 2006 - Fred Telling (Alumnus).

"High School Junior to Serve as Senatorial Page in D.C."
Portland Press Herald. December 28, 2006 - Katie McDonough (Prospective ILR Student).

WBEN AM Radio Buffalo December 28, 2006 - Arthur C. Wheaton.

"Pfizer Vice President Fred Telling to Join Board of Directors of Cell Therapeutics"
Pharma Business Week. December 25, 2006 - Fred Telling (Alumnus MILR).

The Post-Standard. December 24, 2006 John Christopher Hardy (Alumnus) - Marriage.

"On the Move"
The Times Union. December 24, 2006 - Lisa Mattes (Former ILR Employee).

The Washington Post. December 24, 2006 Jean Jacques Couturier - Obituary.

"Quotation of the Day"
The New York Times. December 24, 2006 - Francine D. Blau.

"Scant Progress On Closing Gap In Women's Pay"
The New York Times. December 24, 2006 - Francine D. Blau & Lawrence M. Kahn.

"From A Hero Back To a Foe: Yale-New Haven Hospital's President Is Again On the Outs With the Union"
Hartford Courant. December 23, 2006 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"City Warns Marina to Obey Pay Law"
The Buffalo News. December 22, 2006 - Lou Jean Fleron.

"Houston Chronicle Working Column: Janitors Union Shops For a Mall Worker Contract"
The Houston Chronicle. December 21, 2006 - Richard W. Hurd.

"Janitors Union Shops For a Mall Worker Contract"
The Houston Chronicle. December 21, 2006 - Richard W. Hurd.

"EDI Hosts Learning Community on Inmate to Citizen Research Project"
US States News. December 20, 2006 - ILR School, EDI, Carol Blessing, Thomas P. Golden, and S. Antonio (Tony) Ruiz-Quintanilla.

"Portland Development Commission Hires New Director of Community Relations & Business Equity"
US State News. December 19, 2006 - Lolita B. Burnette.

"Year-End Gift Giving to Cornell University College of Industrial and Labor Relations"
US State News. December 18, 2006 - ILR Gift Giving.

"On the Job, Learning Disabilities Can Often Hide in Plain Sight"
The New York Times. December 17, 2006 - Susanne M. Bruyere.

"Transit Worker Blues Endanger Chief Toussaint Ballots Counted Today Will Determine The Future Of The Man Who Led The Twu Into A Landmark Strike One Year Ago."
City Limits Online. December 15, 2006 - Lee H. Adler.

"Interview: Kate Bronfenbrenner on American Labor Unions"
PBS (NOW). December 15, 2006 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"MTA Spent $1.7M On Outside Legal Counsel The MTA Relied Heavily On a Manhattan Law Firm In Its Battle Over Transit Contracts"
Newsday. December 15, 2006 Neil Abramson (Alumnus).

"Dean Katz Awarded Greek Faculty Appreciation Award"
US States News. December 14, 2006 - Harry C. Katz.

"Managing Books: Top Ten of 2006"
The Globe and Mail. December 13, 2006 Samuel B. Bacharach.

"Peter Cappelli to Give Talent Keynote Address at Human Capital Institute's 2007 Summit"
Finance Visor. December 12, 2006 - Peter Cappelli (Alumnus).

"In New Twist on Tuition Game, Popularity Rises With the Price"
The New York Times. December 12, 2006 - Ronald G. Ehrenberg.

"A More Perfect Union?"
New York Daily News. December 10, 2006 - Gene Carroll.

"DeSanto Realty Group Announces Erica J. Weiser as New Director of Sales and Marketing; Ms. Weiser Brings Decades of Financial and TIC Sales Experience That Enables the Firm's Future Growth"
Business Wire. December 8, 2006 - Erica J. Weiser (Alumna).

"Living Wage Law Has Only Modest Success, Panel Says"
The Buffalo News. December 7, 2006 - Lou Jean Fleron.

"SEIU Silent On Hospital Downsizing Plan; State's Biggest Health-Care Union Has Not Joined Chorus Of Opposition."
The Post-Standard. December 6, 2006 - Ken Margolies.

"With a Shirt and Discounts, Wal-Mart Says Thank You to Workers"
The New York Times. December 4, 2006 - Richard W. Hurd.

"Can SIU Stay in the Game?; Walter Wendler Tried to Raise Southern Illinois University's Rankings by Boosting Tuition and Launching an Ambitious Spending Plan. Now He's Out, But Experts Say he Was Just Following Higher Education's Only Playbook For Survival."
Chicago Tribune. December 3, 2006 - Ronald G. Ehrenberg.

"Gender Pay Gap Thins For Unexpected Reasons; The Disparity's Decrease Isn't Because Women Are Making Great Strides But Because Men's Wages Are Eroding, Data Show."
Los Angeles Times. December 3, 2006 - Francine Blau.

"No Need to be a Scrooge For Businesses to Keep Holidays Legal"
US States News . December 1, 2006 Joel Rudin - (Alumnus).

"Unions See Opportunity at N.C. Plant"
AFX International Focus. December 1, 2006 - Richard Hurd.

"Check Out This Web Site For Tips on How to Build Inclusive Workplaces"
HR on Campus. December 1, 2006 - ILR's Employment & Disability Institute Web Site.

November 2006

"Ford Buyout Drains Auto Workers Union"
NPR. , Day to Day November 30, 2006 - Harry C. Katz.

"Court Halts Public Sector Strike"
The Jerusalem Post. November 30, 2006 - Judge Steve Adler (Alumnus).

"eCornell Partners with Canadian HR Press to Serve Professional Development Market"
Canada NewsWire. November 29, 2006 - ILR Faculty & eCornell.

"Keep Them on Your Side"
The Globe and Mail. November 29, 2006 - Samuel B. Bacharach.

"Pfizer Inc Vice President of Corporate Policy and Strategic Management, Fred Telling, to Join Board of Directors of Cell Therapeutics, Inc. (CTI)"
PR Newswire US. November 29, 2006 - Frederick W. Telling (Alumnus).

WBEN AM Radio Buffalo. December 28, 2006 - Arthur C. Wheaton.

"Downtown Employers Seek Child Care Choices"
Business First of Buffalo. November 27, 2006 - Lou Jean Fleron & Study.

"Best Practices"
Federal Human Resources Week. November 27, 2006 - Susanne M. Bruyere.

"Real Estate People"
The Asheville Citizen-Times. November 25, 2006 - Dorothy St. Clare (Alumna).

"So, You Messed Up. Deal With It. Now."
The New York Times. November 23, 2006 - Rocco Scanza.

"Contract Just Might Attract Members"
The Houston Chronicle. November 23, 2006 - Richard W. Hurd.

"All Rhodes lead to Vermont"
The Burlington Free Press. November 21, 2006 - R. Genevieve Quist (Alumna) & Jefferson Cowie.

"Processing Plants' Dangers Don't Scare off Migrants: One in 10 Workers Injured Each Year at Meatpacking Factories"
The Dallas Morning News. November 21, 2006 - Lance Compa.

"2005 Cornell Grad Named Rhodes Scholar"
The Ithaca Journal. November 21, 2006 - Genevieve Quist (Alumna) & Jefferson Cowie.

"5 Students With Ties to State are Named Rhodes Scholars"
Los Angeles Times. November 21, 2006 - Roxanne Genevieve Quist (Alumna).

"Cornell Graduate Genevieve Quist Awarded 2007 Rhodes Scholarship"
US States News. November 19, 2006 - Genevieve Quist (Alumna) & Jefferson Cowie.

"Tying the Knot Helps Students, Especially Men,Succeed in Graduate School"
The Chronicle of Higher Education. November 17, 2006 - Cornell Higher Education Research Institute (CHERI).

"The Lawyer Who Loved Bologna Sandwiches"
The Post-Standard. November 16, 2006 - Thomas Leone, Jr. (Alumnus).

"Twu Hopefuls Rail. Candidates For Prez Spar During Debate"
Daily News. November 15, 2006 - Gene Carroll.

"On the Record"
The Buffalo News. November 15, 2006 - ILR School.

"Big 3 Auto Heads Get Little From President;Bush Vows to Pressure Asian Countries"
The Washington Post. November 15, 2006 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"WU Rivals Face off in Debate; Contest for Transit Union's Leadership Pits 4 of 5 Candidates in an Unusual Forum Billed as Closed-Door Session"
Newsday. November 14, 2006 - Gene Carroll.

"Area GM Plant May Get Diesel Engine Line: Automaker Seeks Tax Breaks if Tonawanda Facility is to be Awarded the $21 Million Investment"
The Buffalo News. November 11, 2006 - Arthur C. Wheaton.

"The Return of Workers' Rights?; With Democrats Now Running the Congressional Show, Labor Groups Who Turned Out the Vote Are Primed For Payback. How Much Will They Get?"
Business Week Online. November 10, 2006 - Cletus E. Daniel.

"Carroll Commits to Attending Cornell: Bethlehem Pitcher Picks Ivy League school From 4"
Times Union. November 9, 2006 - Mike Carroll.

"Studying in America, Volume 1, Issue 1"
November 7, 2006 - Renee Tucci & ILR Grad Programs.

"Studying in America, Volume 1, Issue 2"
November 7, 2006 - Renee Tucci & ILR Grad Programs.

Community College Week. November 6, 2006 - Institute for Community College Development (ICCD).

"First National HR in Hospitality Conference Scheduled for Next March in Las Vegas; -Produced in Association with Human Resource Executive Magazine and Endorsed by AH & LA; Program Developed and Sponsored by Cornell University's Schools of Hotel Administration and ILR"
PR Newswire US. November 6, 2006 - ILR Sponsored Conference.

"Home & Family: Work & Family Mailbox"
The Wall Street Journal. November 2, 2006 - David Brewer & EDI.

"Register of Wills Touts Her Accomplishments"
The News Journal. November 2, 2006 - Diane Clarke Streett (Alumna).

"Voters Will Judge; Thomas Leone Says He Has Legal Expertise To Be County Court Judge"
The Post-Standard. November 2, 2006 - Thomas G. Leone (Alumnus).

"Honoring Life of Service {SUBHEADLINE} Turning 88, Eleanor Billmyer Gets Thanks for Years of Community Work"
The Times Union. November 2, 2006 - David Billmyer.

"Analog Devices Welcomes New Vice President, Human Resources"
Business Wire. November 1, 2006 - William Matson (Alumnus).

"Janitors' Protest Hits Home: Houston Strikers Get Chicago-Area Support"
Chicago Tribune. November 1, 2006 - Richard W. Hurd.

"Ohio Gets Top Billing as Organized Labor Seeks to Muster Support in Midterm Elections"
Copley News Service. November 1, 2006 - Richard W. Hurd.

"Janitors' Protests Hit the Road;Union Taking Its Message to Other Cities"
The Houston Chronicle. November 1, 2006 - Richard W. Hurd.

"HRfocus News Briefs"
HRfocus. November 2006 - Patrick M. Wright.

"Helping Companies to Address Workplace Issues Proactively and Effectively"
Metropolitan Corporate Counsel. November, 2006 - Harriet E. Cooperman (Alumna).

October 2006

"Labor Unions Push Aside Grudges to Win Key Battles Later"
Copley News Service. October 31, 2006 - Richard W. Hurd.

June 2006

"7 Steps to Better Hiring; How can Owners Find Great Workers? Often, it's as Simple as Sticking to Seven Basics"
USA Today. June 21, 2006 - Christopher J. Collins.

"Hearing of the Federal Financial Management, Government Information, and International Security Subcommittee of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee"
Federal News Service. June 20, 2006 - Thomas Melito (Alumnus).

"Labor, Immigrant Rights Groups Call for Justice at World's Largest Pork Processing Plant Pressure Causes Smithfield to Announce 'When a New Election is Called, We Will Fully Comply'"
PR Newswire US. June 19, 2006 - James J. Duffy (Alumnus and CAHRS Sponsor).

"Smithfield Employees Deserve Better Treatment..."
Richmond Times Dispatch. June 19, 2006 - Lance Compa.

"On the Move"
Observer-Dispatch. June 18, 2006 - Denise D. Knight.

"Rolling up Their (Blouse) Sleeves"
The Post-Star. June 18, 2006 - Francine Moccio and Institute for Women and Work.

"Unions Focus Attention on Workers in Service Industries"
The New York Times. June 16, 2006 - Richard W. Hurd.

"Sparks' Wait Staff Sues Over Sirloin Tips"
New York Post. June 15, 2006 - Louis Pechman (Alumnus).

"Row at Mob-Say Eatery Waiters Sue Over Tips"
Daily News. June 15, 2006 - Louis Pechman (Alumnus).

"E-Teaching Don't Forget the Pivotal Role of the Teacher in E-Learning; the Case of Cornell University's Samuel Bacharach"
Line 56. June 13, 2006 - Samuel B. Bacharach.

"Somber Tone And Protest As U.A.W. Convenes"
The New York Times. June 13, 2006 - Harry C. Katz.

Workforce Management. June 12, 2006 - Arthur C. Wheaton.

"After Buyouts, Finding Temps Could be a Challenge for GM"
June 12, 2006 - Lance Compa.

"Union Slams FirstGroup's Stance on Labour Rights Policy"
The Herald. June 12, 2006 - School of Industrial and Labour Relations.

"Co-operative Insurance Supports First Group Bus Workers Shareholders Action"
PR Newswire Europe. June 11, 2006 - Lance Compa.

"Getting back to work"
Yakima Herald Republic. June 11, 2006 - Arthur C. Wheaton.

"Unions Losing Members"
Observer-Dispatch. June 11, 2006 - Industrial & Labor Relations Review.

"Labor Pains Intensify; Rising Health-Care Costs, Greed Blamed For More Strikes"
The Post-Standard. June 11, 2006 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

Sunday Telegram. June 11, 2006 - Stephen Schiavo (Alumnus) - Engagement.

"Two Unions Pursue Unity; Rivals Ready to Join to Represent City Employees"
The Houston Chronicle. June 10, 2006 - Richard W. Hurd.

"Toss Out the Index Cards"
The Chronicle of Higher Education. June 9, 2006 - Lowell Turner.

"Serving Company Politics"
BeniciaNews.com. June 8, 2006 - Samuel B. Bacharach.

"Service Workers Demand Their Voice be Heard; Union has Spoken out for Immigrant Rghts, Needs Outside Workplace"
Rocky Mountain News. June 5, 2006 - Vernon M. Briggs Jr.

"Unions Wary of the Future as They Hemorrhage Members; Private Unions see Greater Decline Than in the Public Sector"
The Buffalo News. June 4, 2006 - Lou Jean Fleron.

"Battle Between Hotel, Union Enters Rare Labor Relations Territory"
Boston Globe. June 4, 2006 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Lear Corporation Names Marina Williams Chief Diversity Officer"
Yahoo! Finance. June 2, 2006 Marina Williams.

"Tompkins leaders gather for diversity summit"
The Ithaca Journal. June 2, 2006 - Cristopher Metzler.

"FirstGroup Comes Under Fire Over Union Rights for Bus Workers in US"
The Independent. June 1, 2006 - Lance Compa.

"Labor Union Outlook: Amid Economic Recovery, Unions See a Struggle Just to Maintain Lost Ground"
EconoPlay June 1, 2006 - Kate Bronfenbrenner. .

"Build an Army for Your Ideas: How to Call in Reinforcements to Champion Your Brainstorms"
Fast Company. June, 2006 - Samuel B. Bacharach.

May 2006

"Disaster Relief Medicaid: Evaluation Project"
New York State Dept. of Health. May 31, 2006 - Marcia Calicchia.

"Traditional Italian Food on the Menu at Paolo's"
Sun-Sentinel. May 31, 2006 - Paul Stoddard (Alumnus).

"New York Transit Froze Riders Out"
The Toronto Star. May 31, 2006 - David B. Lipsky.

"Los Angeles Labor Negotiations Study"
Office of the Controller. May 29, 2006 - Marcia Calicchia.

"Fox Meets With Villaraigosa"
City News Service. May 26, 2006 - Vernon M. Briggs Jr.

"Tesco Moving Into Southland Union Battlefield"
Financial Times. May 26, 2006 - Lance Compa.

"Rising Black-Latino Clash on Jobs"
Christian Science Monitor. May 25, 2006 - Vernon M. Briggs Jr..

"City News Service"
City News Service. May 24, 2006 - ILR Study.

"Around the Towns"
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. May 24, 2006 - ILR Course.

"Immigration Angst"
MiMegasite. May 22, 2006 - Vernon M. Briggs Jr..

"GE Appoints Seven Company Officers"
Business Wire. May 22, 2006 - Jack F. Ryan (Alumnus).

"City Workers' 9/11 Claims Meet Obstacles"
The New York Times. May 22, 2006 - Robert S. Smith.

Newsday. May 21, 2006 Col. Daniel L. Finke Jr (Alumnus) - Obituary.

"Bill Prevents Abuse, Protects Choice"
Rocky Mountain News May 19, 2006 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"The Immigration Debate: Its Impact on Workers, Wages and Employers "
Law and Public Policy. May 17, 2006 - Vernon M. Briggs Jr.

"Conflicting Caims on Illegal Immigrants; Opinion & Editorial"
Manila Bulletin. May 16, 2006 Vernon M. Briggs Jr..

"Discussing the Delphi, GM and UAW Negotiations"
WHLD 1270 Buffalo. - Voice of Reason May 15, 2006 - Arthur C. Wheaton.

"The 'Strike-Stopper' Settles Vt. Teacher Disputes"
The Burlington Free Press May 15, 2006 - Ira Lobel (Alumnus).

"Dissent Simmers As Teamsters Union Prepares for Elections Next Month"
Newhouse News Service May 10, 2006 - Richard W. Hurd.

"Delphi Gets its Day in Court Today"
The Buffalo News. May 9, 2006 - Arthur C. Wheaton.

"Delphi Decision On Unions Debated"
WBEN Radio 930 AM Buffalo. May 8, 2006 - Arthur C. Wheaton.

"Winning at Working: Serving Company Politics"
Magic City Morning Star. May 8, 2006 - Samuel B. Bacharach.

Sentinel & Enterprise. May 8, 2006 - Stephen Schiavo (Alumnus, MILR) - Engagement.

"Illegal Immigrants, Unite! - And Under the Union Banner, Too."
National Review. May 8, 2006 - Vernon M. Briggs Jr..

"Dissent Simmers"
Plain Dealer. May 7, 2006 - Richard W. Hurd and Rob Hickey (Alumnus).

"Difficult Road Ahead for GM to Recapture Reputation"
Roanoke Times. May 6, 2006 Arthur C. Wheaton.

"Waste Management Health Plan Protested"
The Houston Chronicle. May 6, 2006 - Richard W. Hurd.

"UAW Asks Delphi Locals toTake Strike Vote"
BusinessWeek Online. May 3, 2006 - Jay W. Waks (Alumnus).

"Proof Positive"
ILR Study Grounds Maintenance. May 1, 2006 - Jonathan Gerber (Alumnus).

"HR Research: How to Enrich and Expand Your Internet Searches"
HRfocus May, 2006 - CAHRS.

"Hey Millennials, Debt Becomes You; Twenty-Somethings Face a Life of Looming Loans"
In These Times. May, 2006 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

April 2006

"When Ford Goes, Blue-Collar Institution Likely to go With it: UAW Local 919"
The Virginian-Pilot. April 30, 2006 - Lee H. Adler.

The New York Times. -April 30, 2006 - Marla Marlene Kameny (Alumna) - Wedding.

"Audit of UC Leaders' Pay Revives Debate; As Tuition Climbs and Faculty Wage Hikes Slow, Scrutiny of Executive Compensation Grows"
Los Angeles Times. April 29, 2006 - Ronald G. Ehrenberg.

"Don't Forget Women's Role in Labor Victories"
The Post-Standard. April 28, 2006 - John A. Caiella.

"Protesters Target Health Coverage; Union Members Urge Wal-Mart to Offer Workers a Better Deal"
The Houston Chronicle. April 27, 2006 - Richard W. Hurd.

"Paul Salvatore Selected for Clubs' John Beach Charity Award"
Mount Kisco (AmericanTowns.com). April 27, 2006 - Paul Salvatore (Alumnus).

"Interviewed by Univision on the Significance of the Immigrant Rights Demonstrations."
Univision - Aqui y Ahora. April 27, 2006 - Maria C. Figueroa.

"GM Might Face Tough Sell With Union Buyouts"
Workforce Management. April 26, 2006 - Arthur C. Wheaton.

"Jailing of the president of the TWU."
Regional Network News - Richard French Live. April 25, 2006 - Ken Margolies.

"Hillel to Honor Abby Joseph Cohen, David M. Cohen at New York Gala"
Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life. April 25, 2006 - David M. Cohen (Alumnus).

"Furman Names Jeff Jackson Head Basketball Coach"
Furman Paladins. April 24, 2006 - Jeff Jackson (Alumnus).

"eCornell Provides Discounted Ivy League Training to Government Employees"
Yahoo! Finance. April 24, 2006 - eCornell & ILR School.

"The Long March to Jail"
The New York Times. April 24, 2006 - Harry C. Katz.

"Toussaint Marches Off to Jail"
AM New York. April 24, 2006 - Ken Margolies.

"Is 'The Jungle' History?"
Richmond Times Dispatch. April 23, 2006 - Lance Compa.

"Meatpacking Still 'Jungle' of Controversy?; Critics of Industry See Improvements Since 1906, But They Say Safety Remains an Issue"
Telegraph Herald. April 23, 2006 - Lance Compa.

"Jungle a Little Tamer a Century Later"
Topeka Capital-Journal. April 23, 2006 - Lance Compa.

"Immigrants Lend a Hand on TC Farm Groton Couple Fnds Solution to Staffing Problem in Legal Mexican Workers"
The Ithaca Journal. April 18, 2006 - Lance Compa and Vernon M. Briggs Jr.