2005 News

December 2005

"Strikers Facing a Rough Landing; Four Months into Walkout by Union Mechanics and Other Workers, Northwest Airlines Appears to Have Achieved an Overwhelming Victory"
Chicago Tribune. December 27, 2005 - Richard Hurd.

The Post Standard. December 25, 2005 - John Louis Cerrone (Alumnus) - Marriage.

"A Union Leader for the Global Economy; Professional Workers Must Adapt to Thrive, Junemann says"
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. December 24, 2005 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Transit Strike Reflects Nationwide Pension Woes"
The New York Times. December 24, 2005 - Harry Katz.

"Q & A; Analyzing Pension Plan's Role in Labor Talks"
Newsday. December 24, 2005 - Lee Adler.

"Srike Rolling Again; For Toussaint, key Questions Remain"
Newsday. December 23, 2005 - Lee Adler.

"Strike Behind the Deal; Getting Things Moving; Government Official, Mediators Help Rejuvenate Derailed Talks"
Newsday. December 23, 2005 - David B. Lipsky and Martin F. Scheinman (Alumnus).

"AntiLead Paint Plan Saluted"
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. December 23, 2005 - ILR School.

"WalMart loses Suit Over Lunch Breaks; Oakland Jury Orders Giant Retailer to pay Workers $172 Million"
The San Francisco Chronicle. December 23, 2005 - Risa L. Lieberwitz.

"Local Dissent Couldn't Save Ford Benefits"
The Virginian Pilot. December 23, 2005 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Strike Biggest Challenge In Top Labor Ref's Career"
Daily News. December 22, 2005 - Dennis J. Campagna and Lee Adler.

"Contract Negotiations to Resume Regarding Transit Strike in New York City"
Marketplace Minnesota Public Radio. December 22, 2005 - Harry Katz.

"NYC Transit Workers Persevere in Strike [DP]"
NPR Morning Edition. December 22, 2005 - Harry Katz.

"Transit Union Uses Strike in Fight to Retain Benefits"
NPR Morning Edition. December 22, 2005 - Richard Hurd.

"The Man Chewing on the Big Apple"
Scripps Howard News Service. December 22, 2005 - Lee Adler.

"Transit Strike's High Stakes"
The Christian Science Monitor. December 21, 2005 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"At Center of City's Transit Talks, a Trend That Tests Union Loyalty to Future Hires"
The New York Times. December 19, 2005 - Richard Hurd.

"Little Dignity On the Job, Workers Say"
The New York Times. December 19, 2005 - Sam B. Bacharach.

"Riders Rail At Workers"
The New York Post. December 18, 2005 - ILR School.

"Fight not Just for MTA Workers"
Newsday. December 18, 2005 - Lee Adler.

"She's One Of A Kind Around Here; Chief Learning Officer Terry Flynn Works To Develop Sensis Corp.'s Work Force"
The Post Standard. December 18, 2005 - Terry Flynn (Alumna).

"Darts and Laurels"
The Ithaca Journal. December 17, 2005 - ILR School.

"Alliant Diagnostics, Inc. Announces Merger with Pink Sheet Company"
PR Newswire US. December 16, 2005 - Kevin Rutherford (Alumnus).

"The New York Times Announces Promotion of Human Resource and Technology Executives"
Business Wire. December 15, 2005 - Muriel Watkins (Alumna).

"Managing Books : Top Business Books"
The Globe and Mail. December 14, 2005 - Sam B. Bacharach.

The New York Times. December 14, 2005 - Harold R. Newman - Obituary.

"Deep Freeze, Not Pay Freeze, A Strike Issue "
The New York Times. December 14, 2005 - Richard Hurd.

The Times Union. December 14, 2005 - Harold R. Newman - Obituary.

"Top Priority, on the Status of Working Women in Nontraditional Jobs and Professions"
ABC News Now. December 13, 2005 - Francine Moccio.

"National University Names Dr. Sharon P. Smith Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs"
The Business Wire. December 12, 2005 - Dr. Sharon P. Smith.

"NYU Grad Students Keep up Fight; The Private University's Refusal to Negotiate Fuels a Strike That Could Affect Labor at Other Schools"
Los Angeles Times. December 12, 2005 - Richard Hurd.

"They'd Pay For a Strike; Transit Union Leaders Ponder Whether Breaking The State's Taylor Law With Walkout is Worth Risk"
Newsday. December 12, 2005 - Lee Adler.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution. December 11, 2005 - Vernon M. Briggs Jr..

"In Profile: Joan Milowe"
Sun Sentinel. December 10, 2005 - Joan Milowe.

"Underground Economy Growing as Illegal Immigrants Spread out"
Ventura County Star. December 6, 2005 - Vernon M. Briggs Jr..

"Sound Advice for a Raise You can get More pay, but you have to ask Politely"
Daytona Beach News Journal. December 5. 2005 - Stuart Basefsky.

"Cliff Suggs on Labor Issues"
The Buffalo News. December 4, 2005 - Cliff Suggs.

Star Gazette. December 3, 2005 - Ronald C. Age - Obituary.

"Mothers' Flight From Job Force Questioned"
The New York Times. December 2, 2005 - Francine D. Blau.

"Databank / Quotable"
St. Louis Post Dispatch. December 2, 2005 - Vernon M. Briggs Jr..

"Organizational Success; Janitors Joining the Union Ranks; The Move Stands as Labor's Largest Gain in Houston in the Past 25 Years"
The Houston Chronicle. December 1, 2005 - Richard Hurd.

"Labor Day in Akron, N.Y.; South Koreans study Perry's, Local 686 Relations"
UAW Solidarity, The Nine Line. November/December 2005 - Arthur C. Wheaton, ILR, CAHRS).

November 2005

"Study Finds Superior Performance in Medical and Legal Firms With Effective HR Practices; Gevity InstituteCornell University Research Quantifies 15% to 22% Performance Advantage Overall"
PR Newswire. US November 30, 2005 - Christopher Collins.

"Screening set Friday for film on Labor Activist"
The Buffalo News. November 29, 2005 - ILR Sponsored Film.

"Proskauer Rose Names Six New Partners & Three Senior Counsel"
The Business Wire. November 28, 2005 - Michael Lebowich (Alumnus).

"Union Claims Texas Victory With Janitors"
The New York Times. November 28, 2005 - Richard Hurd.

The Daily News Leader. November 27, 2005 - Stacey Laura McIntyre (Alumna) - Marriage.

The Post Standard. November 27, 2005 - John Christopher Hardy (Alumnus) - Marriage.

"GM's Future Awaits Delphi's Fate; If Delphi can Extract Itself From Bankruptcy, General Motors Might Have a Chance to Recover From Years of Bad Decisions"
The Buffalo News. November 25, 2005 - Arthur C. Wheaton.

"AFLCIO Ready to aid Union at Delphi"
The Buffalo News. November 21, 2005 - Arthur C. Wheaton.

"Abraham Lincoln's Affair With the Gray Lady"
The New York Sun. November 21, 2005 - Richard Strassberg & Kheel Center.

"Labor's Little Giant; Once There was Something Called the "Labor Vote"
The Weekly Standard. November 21, 2005 - Kheel Center.

The Times Union. November 20, 2005 - M. Doris (Alund) Lear - Obituary.

The Buffalo News. November 19, 2005 - James C. Stewart - Obituary.

"On the Record"
The Buffalo News November 16, 2005 - ILR Extension Program.

"Word Nerds' get Buzzed on Spelling Bee"
The Ithaca Journal. November 15, 2005 - ILR School "Worker Bees" (Spelling Team).

The Post Standard. November 15, 2005 - Doctor Jane Louise Byrnes - Obituary.

"People In The Twin Tiers"
Star Gazette. November 15, 2005 - Jim Mullen (Alumnus).

"New Era, Union Will Receive Cornell Award"
The Buffalo News. November 14, 2005 - ILR School & Champion @ Work Award.

"OKC Street Talk"
Journal Record. November 14, 2005 - Vernon M. Briggs Jr..

"Is Labor Losing its Voice? Once a Major Force in the Nation's Economy and Politics, Unions Have Fallen on Hard Times. Can They Convince a new Generation of Workers That They're Still Relevant?"
The New York Times. November 14, 2005 - Richard Hurd.

"State Urged to Deal With Illegal Workers"
Daily Oklahoman. November 11, 2005 - Vernon M. Briggs Jr..

"Oklahoma Officials to Target Employers of Illegal Immigrants"
Journal Record. November 11, 2005 - Vernon M. Briggs Jr..

"Oklahoma Officials to Target Employers of Illegal Immigrants"
Journal Record Legislative Report. November 11, 2005 - Vernon M. Briggs Jr..

"New Era Cap and CWA Local 14177 to Receive Cornell University ILR Champions @ Work Award"
PR Newswire US November 11, 2005 - ILR School & Champion @ Work Award.

"'Cheap Labor' is Called Costly"
Tulsa World. November 11, 2005 - Vernon M. Briggs Jr..

"Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (Fletc) Presents 'Honor Graduate Of Year' Award To CBP Officer"
States News Service. November 9, 2005 - Daniel S. Rothman (Alumnus).

"Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Presents 'Honor Graduate Of The Year' Award to Customs and Border Protection Officer"
US Fed News. November 9, 2005 - Daniel S. Rothman (Alumnus).

"Growing Number of Striking Northwest Mechanics Cross Picket Lines"
Pioneer Press November 9, 2005 - Richard Hurd.

"Arpante Advocates for Workers"
The Berkshire Eagle. November 6, 2005 - James A. Arpante.

"AtLarge Hopefuls air Their Thoughts"
News & Record. November 6, 2005 - Joel Landau (Alumnus).

"Voters Guide 2005"
The Times Union. November 5, 2005 - Joseph M. Igoe.

"Gevity Institute Cornell University Study Links HR Practices, Employee Outcomes & Firm Performance"
PR Newswire US. November 4, 2005 - Christopher Collins.

"Jim Arpante is Realistic, Sensible"
The Berkshire Eagle. November 3, 2005 - James A. Arpante.

"On the Record"
The Buffalo News. November 3, 2005 - ILR Buffalo.

"Clarkstown Hopefuls Talk Housing"
The Journal News. November 3, 2005 - David Carlucci.

"Scarborough School Board Slate Crowded; on the Town Council, Meanwhile, Candidates are Running Uncontested for Three Seats"
Portland Press Herald. November 2, 2005 - Annalee Rosenblatt.

June 2005

The New York Times. June 28, 2005 - Eric George Kussoy - Obituary.

"Business People"
The Buffalo News. June 26, 2005 - Cynthia Bootz.

"Iraqi Labor Activists Say U.S. Has Split Nation On Religious, Ethnic Lines"
The Buffalo News. June 24, 2005 - ILR Extension as Forum Sponsor.

"Avedon Named to Lincoln National Corporation Board of Directors"
Business Wire. June 24, 2005 - Marcia J. Avedon.

"In a Surprise, Cornell Chief Steps Down"
The Chronicle of Higher Education. June 24, 2005 - Ronald G. Ehrenberg.

"5 AFLCIO Unions Form Dissident Group"
The Chicago Tribune. June 16, 2005 - Richard Hurd.

The Greenville News. June 16, 2005 - Carmen Benjamin Kase (Alumna) - Obituary.

"Dissident Unions Form Coalition"
The Washington Post. June 13, 2005 - Richard Hurd.

"City, Police Union Agree To Arbitration; Oswego Police Have Been Without A Contract Since 2002, Chief Says"
The Post Standard. June 15, 2005 - Douglas Bantle.

"Employment Best Practices For the NonProfit Organization Final"
Fair Disclosure Wire. June 14, 2005 - Richard I. Greenberg (Alumnus).

"Lehman's Departure May Affect Fundraising; Sudden Resignation of Cornell President Expected to Hurt Upcoming Capital Campaign"
The Post Standard. June 14, 2005 - Ronald G. Ehrenberg.

"Dissent Grows in the Ranks of the AFLCIO"
NPR All Things Considered. June 13, 2005 - Richard Hurd.

"Mexico Labor Case Grows For Maker of Barbie Gowns"
The New York Times. June 12, 2005 - Lance Compa.

"Bully Bosses Can Wreak Havoc On Morale, Company's Bottom Line"
Newsday. June 12, 2005 - Bradford Bell.

"Harry Charles Katz, the Jack Sheinkman Professor of Collective Bargaining and Director of the Institute of Collective Bargaining at Cornell University's School of Industrial and Labor Relations, has been named dean of the school, Cornell President Jeffrey S. Lehman announced"
The Ithaca Journal. June 11, 2005 - Harry Katz.

"Same Struggle, Different Difference: Civil Rights Policy Forum"
US Fed News. June 9, 2005 - ILR's Employment and Disability Institute.

"Dow Jones Newspaper Fund Names Richard J. Levine as Its New President"
Business Wire. June 8, 2005 - Richard J. Levine (Alumnus).

The Post Standard. June 5, 2005 - Marla M. Kameny (Alumna) - Marriage.

"Advancing in Age"
The Chronicle of Higher Education. June 3, 2005 - Ronald G. Ehrenberg.

"U.S. Telecommunications Unions are Facing an Uphill Battle"
The International Herald Tribune. June 2, 2005 - Harry Katz.

"Labor's Civil War; The Sweeney Revolution is Definitely Over. But is the Sweeney era? Inside the Tumultuous Battle Over Labor's Future"
The American Prospect. June 2, 2005 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Labor: Union Workers Having Tough Time With Tech Industry"
National Journal's Technology Daily. June 1, 2005 - Harry Katz.

"Unions Struggle as Communications Industry Shifts"
The New York Times. June 1, 2005 - Harry Katz.

May 2005

"A Summer of Discontent for Labor Focuses on Its Leader's Fitness for His Job"
The New York Times. May 31, 2005 - Richard Hurd.

"Logging On With A New Campaign; Staffers Use Tactics Learned With Candidates to Pressure WalMart"
The Washington Post. May 31, 2005 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Specia Education: Saved Lives and Wasted Dollars; Despite Success Stories, Thousands of School Children Statewide are Needlessly Labled as Learning Disabled, Diverting Millions From General Education"
The Buffalo News. May 29, 2005 - ILR Study.

The New York Times. May 29, 2005 - Chris Myrl Abbuhl (Alumnus).

Pittsburgh Tribune Review. May 29, 2005 - Harold C. Shields (CAHRS/ILR).

"Student Achievers"
Observer Dispatch. May 28, 2005 - Kristina Yost (Alumna).

"Father Knows Best Whether We're Willing to Admit it or Not"
Yearbook of Experts. May 25, 2005 - Gerry Murak.

"A new Breed of Union Chief in Risky Move"
The Boston Globe. May 24, 2005 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Torn Alliances; House of Labor Divided Over Strategies and Styles"
Plain Dealer. May 22, 2005 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Briefing : Seminar Discusses Disabled Workers"
The Press & Sun Bulletin. May 22, 2005 - Edwin LopezSoto.

"The Hartford Courant, Conn., Dan Haar Column"
The Hartford Courant. May 22, 2005 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"It's not Just Pensions That We're Losing"
Newsday. May 17, 2005 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Get Them On Your Side"
The Miami Herald. May 16, 2005 - Sam Bacharach.

"Get Them on Your Side: Convert Skeptics, Get Results"
CIO Magazine. May 15, 2005 - Sam Bacharach.

"Commentary While GOP Dithers Clinton Tackles Immigration Threat"
The Providence Journal. May 15, 2005 - Vernon Briggs.

"Union Discord Heads to Chicago; Harsh Words fly as AFLCIO's Convention Nears"
Chicago Tribune. May 13, 2005 - Richard Hurd.

"New Chief Names for Volunteer Fire Department"
The Providence Journal. May 13, 2005 - Charles Flynn (Alumnus).

"Stagnant Salaries Push More Families Towards the Breadline: A Surfeit of Workers and the Threat of OffShoring are Allowing Employers to call the Shots on pay, Reports Christopher Swann"
Financial Times. May 11, 2005 - Cornell (ILR) Study.

"AFLCIO Announces it Will lay off OneQuarter of its Staff"
NPR. May 11, 2005 - Richard Hurd.

"DaimlerChrysler Names John T. Bozzella to Vice President External Affairs & Public Policy (Americas)"
PR Newswire. May 11, 2005 - John T. Bozzella (Alumnus).

"Casino Workers Plan to Unionize Grand, Sheraton Won't Oppose the Drive"
The Commercial Appeal. May 6, 2005 - Lee Adler.

"Emmaus StudentAthletes Make Their College Choices"
Morning Call. May 5, 2005 - Sam Luff.

"When Backing off is a Sign of Leadership"
Chicago Tribune. May 5, 2005 - Sam Bacharach.

"Nuclear Defiance From North Korea; Blunder at Pentagon; Blair's Battle"
CNN . May 2, 2005 - Lance Compa.

"Business People; Hires, Promotions & Honors"
The Buffalo News. May 1, 2005 - Kirsten Meade Lenartowich (Alumna).

"As Detroit Gets Squeezed, Buffalo Area Will Feel the Pinch"
The Buffalo News. May 1, 2005 - Arthur Wheaton.

"A Close Look at Workers' Rights; Think You're Entitled to Benefits, or to see your Personnel File, or to Severance Pay? Think Again"
Newsday. May 1, 2004 Bradford Bell.

"A CoWorker Wanted The Job You Got"
The New York Times. May 1, 2005 - Sam Bacharach.

"Politically Proactive"
Fast Company. May 2005 - Sam Bacharach.

April 2005

"NRC Issues Confirmatory Order to Virginia Firm in Whistleblower Case"
States News Service. April 28, 2005 - Institute on Conflict Resolution (ILR).

The Baltimore Sun. April 28, 2005 - Ryan Matthew Holmes (Alumnus) - Obituary.

"Migrant Workers Sustain Economies Here, Abroad"
Intelligencer Journal. April 27, 2005 - Vernon Briggs.

"No Hard Hats Worn Here"
Village Voice. April 26, 2005 - ILR Labor Studies Program.

"Lender Advances on Fifth Ave. Office; CIT Group Eyes Space in new Tower; Cornell Finds it's Better to Rent"
Crain's New York Business. April 25, 2005 - ILR.

"ReligionUS: 35 Millioin Americans are AntiSemitic, ADL Poll Finds"
IPSInter Press Service. April 25, 2005 - ILR Survey Research Institute (SRI).

"Roots of Anti Semitism Run Deep Poll Finds"
Liquid Africa. April 25, 2005 - ILR Survey Research Institute (SRI).

"Helping Small Businesses Get the Growth Capital They Need"
The New York Times. April 24, 2005 - Roslyn Goldmacher.

"Katherine Connery Evan P. Metter"
The Post Standard. April 24, 2005 - Evan Philip Metter (Alumnus).

"County Personnel Officer to Attend Session on Aging"
The Post Standard. April 23, 2005 - Mary Krause (Alumna).

"New York State of Mind"
The Post Standard. April 23, 2005 - ILR Survey Research Institute (SRI).

"George Huyler Joins IRMC as Top HR Officer; Industry Veteran to Focus on Compliance, Global Workforce"
Business Wire. April 19, 2005 - George M. Huyler.

The Irish Times. April 19, 2005 - Scott Snell.

"Area Gets Map for 'Next Step' in Education"
The Buffalo News. April 14, 2005 - ILR School.