2004 News

December 2004

"Gaining Ground on the Wage Front"
The New York Times. December 31, 2004 - Francine Blau.

"44% of Americans Favor Curtailing Some Muslim Liberties"
Israel Faxx. December 21, 2004 - Survey Research Institute.

"A Voice for Labor, Deftly Applied"
The New York Times. December 21, 2004 - Dennis M. Hughes.

"Youngstown Paper, Strikers dug in; No Talks Planned in 5-Week Walkout Against Vindicator"
Plain Dealer. December 21, 2004 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Teacher Pact Raises Ire; Objections Voiced Over Two Benefits"
Hartford Courant. December 19, 2004 - William Perkins.

"Labor Under Fire Unions Worry NLRB Will End Organizing Tool"
The Boston Globe. December 18, 2004 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Entire NHL Season May Be Wiped Out Because of Labor Dispute"
NPR. December 15, 2004 - Richard Hurd.

"Lockout weapon; A strike once was a union's most powerful weapon, but employers are trumping that move by keeping workers out and hiring replacements for them"
Chicago Tribune. December 12, 2004 - Richard Hurd.

"Mainstream Jobs Prove To Be a Benefit"
The Journal News. December 12, 2004 - Carol Blessing.

"Coming of Age"
The Journal News. December 12, 2004 - Carol Blessing.

"Joy, Wariness Greet New Minimum Wage"
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. December 8, 2004 - Ronald G. Ehrenberg.

"Labor Leaders Talk About Making Difference Again"
Charleston Gazette. December 6, 2004 Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Labor pains; As membership slides, unions have turned to provocative corporate campaigns to aid organizing. But critics say they're just a way to increase flagging numbers, dues"
Modern Healthcare. December 6, 2004 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Labor Leaders Look to Reverse Declines"
St. Louis Post-Dispatch. December 6, 2004 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Between Union Leader and His Protege, Tension Over Direction of Labor Movement"
The New York Times. December 5, 2004 - Richard Hurd.

"Labor Shakedown?"
The Hotline. December 3, 2004 Richard Hurd.

"Wal-Mart Finds Union Label in China"
The Times Union. December 3, 2004 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Inside SHRM; Society for Human Resource Management"
HRMagazine. December 1, 2004 - Pat Wright.

"Current Approaches to HR Strategies: Inside-Out Versus Outside-In"
Human Resource Planning. December 1, 2004 - Pat Wright, Scott Snell, and Peder Jacobsen.

"Commentary; Disorganized Labor"
The Los Angeles Times. December 1, 2004 - Richard Hurd.

"Wal-Mart Loves Unions (In China)"
The Washington Post. December 1 , 2004 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

November 2004

"Temps Lose Bargaining Rights Won In 2000; NLRB Reverses Stand Along Party Lines"
The Washington Post. November 30, 2004 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Transition Options: Students Prepare To Deal With Life After High School"
Post Standard. November 23, 2004 - Marianne Murphy.

"How Steelworkers Union Learned To Cope With New Realities"
Buffalo News. November 21, 2004 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Offshoring Accelerating US Study Puts Number Of Jobs Sent Overseas In 2004 At 406,000, Double The Estimates"
Boston Globe. November 17, 2004 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Lou Dobbs Tonight"
CNN. November 17, 2004 - Vernon Briggs.

"Labor Unions Need to Increase Membership"
NPR. November 12, 2004 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Workers Fight for Health Care, Pay"
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. November 12, 2004 - Lance Compa.

"U.S. Labor Movement in Disarray"
International Herald Tribune. November 11, 2004 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Unions Confront Postelection Reality: in What Probably will be a Somber Meeting, Leaders Gather Today to Ponder Organized Labor's Survival in the Next Four Years"
Los Angeles Times. November 10, 2004 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"As Labor Leadership Gathers, Head of Largest Union Issues Call for Major Changes"
New York Times. November 10, 2004 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"ALF-CIO Struggles With Bush's Re-election"
UPI. November 10, 2004 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"School Boards Discuss Collaborations"
Buffalo News. November 9, 2004 - Ann Martin.

"Easing Into Retirement Can Benefit Worker, Company"
Newhouse News Service. November 9, 2004 - Robert Hutchens.

"Going Abroad: U.S. Design Firms are Seeing an Increasing Number of Opportunities for Work on Industrial Facilities in Foreign Countries-and a Change in Their Working Relationships With Native Counterparts"
Consulting-Specifying Engineer. November 1, 2004 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

October 2004

"Unions Work to Make a Difference: Members Monitor Polls, Register Voters"
San Francisco Chronicle. October 30, 2004 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"After Agreement, Kroger Workers Angry, Dismayed"
Cincinnati Enquirer. October 29, 2004 - Rick Hurd.

"Bush's Other War"
The Village Voice. October 26, 2004 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Offshoring's Toll: Bad to Worse"
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. October 25, 2004 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Upstater's Don't Feel Very Bullish"
The Buffalo News. October 24, 2004 - Lou Jean Fleron and Erik C. Nisbet.

"A Wise Decision Brings"
The New York Times. October 21, 2004 - Ronald Seeber.

"Facing a Fund Gap - Lucent Seeking to Shift Part of Soaring Health Costs to Retirees"
The Boston Globe. October 20, 2004 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Study Sees 406,000 U.S. Jobs Shifting Overseas In 2004"
CBS MarketWatch. October 15, 2004 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Both Grocer, Union in a No-Win Situation"
The Cincinnati Enquirer. October 13, 2004 - Rick Hurd.

"Labor Working Hard to Get Out Vote for Kerry; The Firefighters Union Was an Early Backer, but not All Members are Behind the National Push"
Chicago Tribune. October 10, 2004 - Rick Hurd.

September 2004

"Did Your Hear..."
The Washington Post. September 20, 2004 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"A Better Life for Workers, but at What Cost to the City?"
The Buffalo News. September 19, 2004 - Lou Jean Fleron.

"Old Labor Tactics Resurface in New Union; Unite Here Involves Younger People, has History of Not Backing Down"
The Washington Post. September 17, 2004 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Can This Man Save Labor?; Andy Stern Wants to Radically Retool the U.S. Labor Movement. but First He Must Win Over Some Powerful Union Leaders"
Business Week. September 13, 2004 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Labor Board May Rule on Union Tactic; Use of 'Card Check Recognition' Has Been a Boon to Organizing Workers. Critics say the Process is Open to Abuse."
Los Angeles Times. September 13, 2004 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"9/11 Health Care Effects"
Federal Document Clearing House Congressional Testimony. September 8, 2004 - Smithers Insitutite.

"Cornell U. Students Protest, Volunteer at Republican Convention"
Cornell Daily Sun. September 7, 2004 - Patrick Young.

"Worries About NLRB Fuel Campagin by Unions Leaders Say Panel Favors Employers, Seek to Oust Bush"
The Boston Globe. September 6, 2004 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Police Officers' Salaries"
The New York Times. September 5, 2004 - Harry C. Katz and David B. Lipsky.

"Elite Schools May Not Be Worth the Price for You"
Newhouse News Service. September 2, 2004 - Ronald Ehrenberg.

"Establish a New Standard for Inclusion in the Classroom"
Inclusive Education Programs. September 1, 2004 - Carol Blessing.

"Conquering the Strategy vs. Financial Business Challenge"
HRfocus. September 2004 - Patrick Wright.

August 2004

"Elite Schools Not Always Worth the Price; There is a Lot More to Consider Than Just a Collegiate Brand Name"
Plain Dealer. August 30, 2004 - Ronald Ehrenberg.

"Labor Day Weekend Pickets to Demand Danish Government Curb Worker Rights Abuses; American Trade Unions Cite Violations by Danish Steamship Giant of UN Labor Codes"
PR Newswire. August 30, 2004 - Lance Compa.

"Is College Tuition Money Well Spent?"
United Press International. August 25, 2004 - Ronald Ehrenberg.

"Workers who Don't get Paid Overtime"
NPR - All Things Considered. August 19, 2004 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"More Employers Hiring Workers to Reflect Their Diverse Clientele"
The Asheville Citizen-Times. August 16, 2004 - Andrew Houtenville.

"Epstein Becker & Green Expands National ADA Practice Group; Attorneys Anticipate Major Changes in Department of Justice ADA Accessibility Standards, Impacting Industries cross the Board"
PR Newswire. August 16, 2004 - Frank Morris.

"US Airways Management Frustrated With Unions"
The Washington Post. August 14, 2004 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"A Wal-Mart With a Union Label?; Employees in a Canadian Store Have won the Right to Organize. It's one More Headache for the Giant Retailer"
Business Week. August 12, 2004 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Union Leaders vow all-out Effort on Kerry's Behalf"
Chicago Tribune. August 11, 2004 - Richard Hurd.

July 2004

"Who Moves Next? When Tyson Foods Purchased Meatpacker IBP, it Inherited Erenched Unions and Labor Tensions"
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. July 25, 2004 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Despite Protests From Rsearchers, NIAAA Discontinues Online Research Database; National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism"
Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Weekly. July 19, 2004 - Smithers Institute.

"USF Red Star Closes Down After Union Strike"
The Daily Record. July 16, 2004 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"National Labor Relations Board Rules That Graduate Students do not Have the Right to Unionize"
NPR. July 16, 2004 - Kate Bronfenbrenner.

"Reaching Out to Business/ Group's Personal Touch Aims to Sway Decisions/ On Relocation, Expansion"
The Buffalo News. July 15, 2004 - Lou Jean Fleron.

"Reducing the Cost of College"
NPR. July 13, 2004 - Ronald Ehrenberg.

"Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations Awarded the Buffalo Labor Studies Certificate to Graduates"
The Buffalo News. July 11, 2004 - ILR Buffalo.

"US Service Industry Labour Unions Merge"
Financial Times. July 9, 2004 - Cletus Daniel.

"Unions Seek Strength in Merger: Garment Hotel Workers to Vote on Combination"
Chicago Tribune. July 7, 2004 - Rick Hurd.

"Inmates vs. Outsourcing"
USA TODAY. July 7, 2004 - Rosemary Batt.

"Political Activism Found Highest Among Republicans and Liberals New York State Empire State Poll 2004"
The Post-Standard. July 4, 2004 - Survey Research Institute.

"Coke's new CEO Focuses on Workers; Human Resources Will Report to him. E. Neville Isdell Believes in the Power of "Good old-Fashioned pep Rallies"
Workforce Management. July 1, 2004 - Patrick Wright.