Off to Harvard

Jonathan Weinberg '13 says he begins his law school career "better equipped to lead" because of his broad ILR education.
Weinberg '13 packs four years with campus endeavors
Monday, June 3, 2013

Greek hazing and drinking, the campus climate for women and minorities -- Jonathan Weinberg '13 didn’t shirk tough issues in his 43 columns for "The Cornell Daily Sun."

He embraced a range of other pursuits, too.

A sampling includes: director of elections for Student Assembly, key member of Hillel's "Ask Big Questions," Senior Class Campaign co-president, a passionate "Lynah Faithful" leader of cheers for Cornell Hockey.

He worked as an ILR "Introductory Statistics" teaching assistant and as an ILR faculty research assistant.

Somewhere, Weinberg wedged in time to apply for law school.

Then, he found time to mull offers from the University of Chicago, along with Stanford and Harvard universities.

He's headed to Harvard Law School with the demeanor that merited him the Irving M. Ives Senior Award for good faith, integrity, responsibility, cooperativeness and good will.

Weinberg is also going to Cambridge with an outlook broadened by ILR's curriculum.

"ILR doesn't teach you to simply master one discipline. Instead, I've been taught to consider and evaluate critical issues facing the workplace historically, economically, statistically, legally, politically, strategically and organizationally."

"Thanks to my ILR education, I am better equipped to lead and contribute to important policy debates both on campus and nationally," he said in an interview.

On Sunday, Weinberg graduates from Cornell. Earlier this month, 1,119 words in his final column summarized his Cornell "Sun" journey and hopes for classmates.

An excerpt: "Think critically and use your education to do something you love. If that happens to be investment banking, wonderful, but know that success is purely predicated on personal meaning and satisfaction, no matter the associated prestige."

Weinberg also urged commitment to a favorite team.

"… No matter where you attend graduate school or find employment, your allegiance is to the Cornell Big Red. Especially when it comes to hockey."

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