Faculty and Student Awards

"ILR Global Scholar" recognition goes to three seniors
Faculty and Student Awards
Friday, April 18, 2014

At ILR's annual McPherson Awards event Thursday in the Statler Hotel, the "ILR Global Scholar" recognition was made for the first time.

Seniors Dipabali Chowdhury, Simisola Obatusin and Alexa Schwartz each earned the designation by fulfilling requirements of a 3.6 GPA, a significant international experience, foreign language competency, completion of prescribed international courses and a reflective learning paper written in consultation with a faculty adviser.

At the Statler event, Assistant Professor Louis Hyman and Allison Weiner Heinemann, a visiting faculty member, each received a MacIntyre Award for Exemplary Teaching. Assistant Professor Beth Livingston received the Robert N. Stern Award for Teaching & Mentoring.

Students recognized and their awards include:

  • Teresa Danso-Danquah, Truman Scholar
  • Michelle Huang, Luce Scholar
  • Danielle Abada, SUNY Chancellor's Award or Student Excellence, Merrill Presidential Scholar, Daniel Alpern Award
  • Sheretta Noel, SUNY Chancellor's Award for Student Excellence
  • Simon Boehme, Merrill Presidential Scholar
  • David Huang, Daniel Alpern Award, Stuart Linnick Memorial Prize
  • Devra Flatte, James Campbell Award, Stuart Linnick Memorial Prize
  • Geoffrey Rosenthal, Irving M. Ives Senior Award
  • Pat Moran, John O'Donnell Prize in Labor & Employment Law
  • Jessica Stewart, Salvatore Family Prize in American History
  • Kai Sam Ng, Undergraduate Seidman Prize
  • Bradley Weinberg, Graduate Seidman Prize¬†

Candidates for the "Graduation with Honors" recognition were also named at the event. Students and their paper titles are: 

  • Danielle Abada - "Gender Bias in the Perception of Creative Ideas"
  • Claire Blumenthal - "Budgeting for Retailers: Technology Investment Decision Making, 1975-1990"
  • Simon Boehme - "Teachers in Trouble: Due Process in New York's Evaluation System"
  • Lillien Burns - "Masculine Overcompensation and Creativity: Gender identity threats and their implications for creative performance"
  • Hannah Clark - "Equality in Discrimination Lawsuit Outcomes? Comparing Title VII Consent Decrees"
  • Nicole Cleminshaw - "The H-1B Visa System: Is the United States' System of Awarding High-Tech Worker Visas Helping or Hurting the Nation?"
  • Leo Yi Ding - "Executive Compensation and Firm Performance in China and the United States"
  • Avery French - "Safety and American Labor Law"
  • Shivali Haribhakti - "The Invisible Workforce"
  • Marc Hershberg - "When the Lights Go Out on Broadway: Predicting the Lifespan of Theatrical Production on the Great White Way"
  • David Huang - "A Lifelong Sentence? The Labor Market Fortunes of Prisoners in the US"
  • Maxwell Kaufman - "Collective Bargaining in the NHL: A Brief History and the 2012-13 Owner's Lockout"
  • Mika Madgavkar - "Stagflation in the 1970s: The End of the Keynesian Era?"
  • Alfonse Muglia - "Healthcare, Franchises, and the United States Judicial System"
  • Kai Sam Ng - "Poorhouse, Worthiness, and Biostatistics: Finding a Place for Old Age in a Changing Market Economy, 1880-1920"
  • Sheretta Noel - "The Impact of Student Engagement on Career Success: the moderating role of ethnicity and gender"
  • Daniel Powers - "(Im)mobility of Social Change? A Comparative Case Study of Campaigns for Domestic Worker Legislation"
  • Jessica Reif - "Does it pay to do good? An Analysis of CEO Compensation in Large American Charities"
  • Allison Vitkauskas - "The Role of Language in the 1984 Conservative Realignment of the Working-Class"
  • Matthew S. Weiner - "Does pursuing higher education make one happier?"
  • Di Wu - "Great Expectations: The Relationship between Perceived Helpfulness of Anger and Performance"