Extending ILR’s Impact

Professors teaching academics in Asia about top-level publishing
Friday, December 18, 2015

ILR is expanding its academic presence in Asia by helping train doctoral students and faculty as they adapt to higher publishing standards.

“Publish or perish is a hallmark of the American Ph.D., but that model is not well developed in other parts of the world,” Professor Sarosh Kuruvilla said.

“Academics in China, India and other countries are suddenly being asked to publish in top journals,” he said. Traditionally, those academics have been trained in methodology, but not in publishing.

Regions of world shifting to the U.S. standard means a steep learning curve for current students and those who teach them, said Kuruvilla, a member of ILR’s Department of Labor Relations, Law, and History.  

Associate Professor Marya Besharov of ILR’s Department of Organizational Behavior is also teaching the seminars.

The sessions teach doctoral candidates and junior faculty in Asia how to identify high potential research questions, design appropriate studies and turn their research into high-quality papers that can be published in top-tier academic journals.

The students are impressive, she said. “They’re incredibly bright and motivated.”

Historically, Besharov said, “These schools emphasized teaching and consulting, with less of a focus on publishing research in top-tier academic journals.”

Half of the students she taught in India were interested in studying social enterprise and socially responsible business, two areas of Besharov’s research. “We’re building ties that could possibly result in some research projects.”

The next iteration of the weeklong programs will be held in India in July 2016 for students and junior faculty from several major Indian business schools.