Are The Jobs Ever Coming Back?

Management priorities, market incentives, workplace technology, and sustainable employment
Friday, January 27, 2012

The U.S. employment picture continues to look bleak. But, we will recover from this jobless recovery. Or, won’t we? On January 25, 2012, Professor Kevin F. Hallock, Joseph R. Rich '80 Professor and Director, Institute for Compensation Studies, ILR School of Cornell University led a rich discussion of this issue. Joining him were Steven Berkenfeld, ILR ’81 and Managing Director, Investment Banking Division, Barclays Capital, and Frank Koller, economic journalist and author of Spark: Lessons from Lincoln Electric’s Unique Guaranteed Employment Program.

Among the comments from the hundreds of webcast viewers:

  • I teach Corporate Social Responsibility. I would also like to post the link to the program to encourage our MBA candidates to view the entire webcast.
  • Greatly enjoyed a non-political presentation on this topic.
  • HONEST recognition and declaration that jobs will not come back unless radical steps are taken... We either learn to think fast outside of the box and adapt to save one or two generations, or sentence our culture to death.
  • Great to gain updated statistics and a realistic viewpoint of job growth and where business drives the jobs not the economy.
  • Honest unvarnished thoughts on the effects of technology.
  • This was an excellent presentation on the issues. Excellent, timely subject with interesting and informative presenters. Thank you.

Download the slides presented in the webcast (PDF, 7 MB)