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Data Analysis

Supply Chain Labor Compliance Data Analysis Services

There is widespread agreement that in order to improve private governance (codes of conduct, auditing, and remediation) there is need to move towards a more evidence-based decision-making. Global companies, multi-stakeholder initiatives, and social auditing firms, have generated considerable data on auditing programs, but such data has not been put to use to derive the predictive models that are necessary for the identification of best practices. Corporate CSR and compliance departments suffer from time constraints and talent availability for such data analyses. The new Conversations Project has begun to analyze the supply chain data of several global firms, and have provided unique insights into the integration of sourcing and compliance,  wages in supply chains, freedom of association, and the effectiveness of auditing practices. NCP is also engaged in the development of predictive models regarding compliance, sub-contracting and wages.

Our services include the confidential (anonymized) analysis of corporate supply chain data with regard to labor compliance. For a fee that will be negotiated individually with each company, we will provide quick and expert data analysis, but also provide step-by-step guidance for real and sustainable solutions. Companies may also sign up for annual memberships that will enable them to get results from the analysis of supply chain data (anonymized) of other firms in order to draw collective lessons for the private regulation industry..

If you have a project and would like to know more about how we can help, please contact J. Lowell Jackson at