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ILR Theses and Dissertations

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Five graduate degrees are conferred at the ILR School at Cornell: Master of Science (M.S.); Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.); Master of Industrial and Labor Relations (M.I.L.R.); Master of Professional Studies in ILR (M.P.S.); and a dual M.I.L.R./M.B.A. degree.  Theses are required for the M.S. and Ph.D.  In addition, some seniors prepare an honors thesis to fulfill graduation with honors requirements.

A listing of past ILR School Theses and Dissertations (graduate degrees, 1946-2006, and updates) is available in pdf and RefShare format.    Also available is the Cornell Graduate School's publication, Advanced Degrees Conferred (2008-), which lists graduate student majors, thesis and dissertation titles, authors, and advisors.  Use this to find the latest theses for Industrial and Labor Relations.

Find theses arranged by Master and Ph.D. degrees.  Also find comprehensive subject headings for theses.  Some of the major subject headings under which the theses are listed are:  Collective Bargaining, Economics, History, Human Resource Management, Labor Unions, and Statistics.  You can also find more specific topics such as Decision Making, Leaders, and Employee Ownership.  In all, the theses are categorized under 42 subjects.    

To find the library locations of Cornell theses, perform a Guided Keyword Search in the Cornell Library Catalog.  You may want to set Search Limits to retrieve the specific Collection Location--ILR Library. You can further limit your results to specific Dates.  Use the terms Cornell and thesis.  Add other keywords to further narrow your search.  Some ILR School theses, particularly Senior Honors theses, are available for review at the Circulation Desk.  Search for them through the Course Reserve section of the Library Catalog, under the Course, ILR Theses

At Cornell, Masters and Ph.D. students are invited to submit full text of their completed theses to eCommons, an electronic repository for Cornell research papers and to ProQuest, a commercial database developer and document supplier.  Full text of some theses is available to the public through eCommons.  The public can also order copies of theses from ProQuest's Dissertations Express.  Cornell researchers have greater access to full text of eCommons theses and to many theses from Cornell and other universities through ProQuest subscription databases such as ProQuest Dissertations and Theses.   

Finally, paper copies of most Cornell theses are available for loan and interlibrary loan from the Cornell University Library.

Further Information

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Ithaca, NY:Cornell University
Advanced Degrees Conferred is the authoritative list of recipients of graduate
degrees at Cornell. When applicable, it lists theses titles.

Cornell University, Graduate School. Thesis adviser.
The Thesis Advisor web page provides information to current Cornell graduate students on preparing their theses.

Cornell University, ILR School. Graduate degree programs.
Current and prospective ILR School students will find information on the
graduate degree options on this web page.

Cornell University Library, Library Gateway
Researchers can search the Cornell Library Catalog for availability of theses.
Information on document delivery and interlibrary loan is also provided.

The Cornell University Graduate School collection contains theses that recent
graduate students have made available in this digital repository. Full text of
theses and dissertations in the OPEN collection is available to the public.

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ProQuest dissertations and thesis.

This database is available to the Cornell community via the Library Gateway.
Currently, it includes more than 2 million entries, with coverage from 1861 to the
present. Recent theses and dissertations are described by searchable abstracts.
Full text of many Cornell theses is available for free through Cornell’s

ProQuest Information and Learning. Dissertation services.
ProQuest provides fee-based access to dissertations through this web site.
(Cornell researchers should check ProQuest Dissertations and Thesis for
availability before purchasing a dissertation from this source.)

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