Giving to the Library

Selected Opportunities for Giving to the Library

FOCAL (Friends of the Catherwood Library)Donor sign in Catherwood Library Reference workroom

Become a member of FOCAL, the Friends of the Catherwood Library. Memberships begin at the $100 level. More details and benefits of becoming a member.

Establish a Book Fund

Endow a fund to purchase materials for Catherwood's collections in a subject area covered by the library. Each resource purchased for the collection will be plated with your name on the inside cover or the name of the person or organization you wish to honor. View an example of a book plate. Endowments may be created with a minimum gift of $5,000.

Endow a Journal

Endow the annual subscription to a journal, or journals, of your choice. $5,000 will endow, in perpetuity, a subscription costing the library $100 or less each year. $10,000 will endow a journal costing the library $200 or less each year. For more information, consult the Endow a Journal brochure.

Digital Projects

Underwrite the cost of a project to convert printed labor union journals to an electronic format. Some of our labor union journals are too fragile to be handled by researchers. Converting to a digital format would make them more widely available to users on campus as well as to researchers around the world. ($20,000)

Fund a position to expand the "Key Workplace Documents" feature of our web site. We selectively distribute documents and reports via the World Wide Web in the industrial relations/human resources management subject areas. Documents out of copyright, or those for which permission has been granted, are chosen for this purpose. ($20,000 for one year)

Scholarships, Internships, and Staff Exchanges

Underwrite a graduate school library student internship at Catherwood. Students at one of the nation's library schools would gain experience working at the library as part of their degree program. ($10,000)

Fund a scholarship to support a Catherwood employee's study towards the professional library degree. ($10,000)

Underwrite the partial cost of an exchange program to support a Catherwood staff member's internship at another major library in our field for part of one year. Examples would include the International Labour Organization Library in Geneva, Switzerland, the library of the Bibliothek der Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung [the Friedrich Ebert Foundation] in Bonn, Germany, and the library of the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Substantial benefits to the library include developing relationships with colleagues at other institutions and broadening knowledge of information services practices elsewhere. ($10,000)

Research Fellowship

The Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives draws inquiries from around the world because of its unique archival holdings. Either with a one time gift of $5,000, or a donation of $50,000 to establish an endowment for this purpose, underwrite a research fellowship to help defray the costs (transportation, lodging, photocopying, coding, etc.) which researchers encounter when they come from long distances to use the collection on site.

Unrestricted gifts, no matter what the amount, help support every facet of Catherwood Library—from enriching our holdings and expanding our resources, to preserving our collections and improving our services with advanced technology. Endowments provide assurance that funding will be available in perpetuity to support the Catherwood collections and programs.

Advisory Council

In April 1995, the first Catherwood Library Advisory Council was established to provide advice and counsel to the director and to assist in mounting external relations initiatives.

The current council members include attorneys, mediators and arbitrators, corporate and trade union leaders, professors, representatives with experience in state government, retired executives and other distinguished individuals with a commitment to quality information services in the subject field.

Photo: Advisory Council in session, 1998 (courtesy of the Kheel Center)

Donor Plaque

Catherwood Library is grateful to the many donors and benefactors listed on a plaque in the Catherwood lobby.

Friends of the Catherwood Library (FOCAL)

Director's Circle

L. Kevin Becraft
Carl D. and Susan E. Behnke
Irwin Bluestein
Mark E. Brossman
Emma Jane and William E. Carroll
Evelyn, Gerald and Brian Dorf
John and Audrey Furfaro
Nancy and Richard Grabow
George and Florabelle Hildebrand
Nancy E. Hoffman
Alisa Aaronson Horvitz
Ellen and Arnold Jacobs
Kenneth F. Kahn
Theodore and Ann Kheel
Kenneth H. Kirschner
Bruno and Lindsey LaRocca
Norma Meacham and Melvin Osterman
Karen Silverstein Ossip
Michael J. Ossip
Harriet and Theodore Oxman
Richard Polevoy
Andrew J. Schaffran
Martin F. Scheinman
Robert J. Smith
Steven D. Spencer
Bernard and Phyllis Sussman
Steven R. Wall

Catherwood Circle

Ruth H. Windmuller Estate


Elizabeth J. Forman

Family Membership


Supporting Member

Arthur and Tessie Epstein
Todd Kelson
Norman Lynn
Mary Gallo Tucker

Associate Member

Richard Berkowitz
Barbara Doering
Howard P. Fink
Arthur Leonard
Margaret R. MacIntyre

Friends of the Catherwood Library (FOCAL)

Become a member of FOCAL (Friends of Catherwood Library). Help Catherwood grow and receive special benefits of membership.

Since its founding in 1946, The Martin P. Catherwood Library has earned global distinction for its preeminent collection in the field of industrial and labor relations and for unparalleled information services. Today, we hope you will consider pledging support for this tradition of excellence by becoming a Friend of the Catherwood Library (FOCAL). Your membership will help ensure an enduring legacy of collecting and disseminating information on vital workplace issues.

Friends at all levels will receive the following benefits upon request:

Information delivered directly to your desk

  • Document Delivery: At your request, we will fax, mail, or electronically deliver up to 5 documents per membership (30 pages maximum per document). Document delivery benefit at ILR Senior and ILR graduate student membership level is substituted with on-site photocopy privileges for up to 50 pages.
  • Electronic Notification Service: Get the inside track on an array of work-related topics from Catherwood's information specialists.
  • Workplace Issues Today: Late-breaking news from the field delivered daily to you electronically.

Services by experienced ILR reference staff

  • Research Discounts: 25% discount on ILR:Access, Catherwood's fee-based information service providing professional research assistance.
  • Online Members Plaque: Your name will appear on our online donor plaque.

Additional benefits for Friends at higher levels

  • Benefactor Level: All of the preceding benefits, plus 4 hours of professional research time free via ILR:Access
  • Catherwood Circle: All of the preceding benefits, plus special invitations to library functions hosted by the director
  • Director's Circle: All of the preceding benefits, plus recognition on a special plaque in the Martin P. Catherwood Library at the School of Industrial and Labor Relations and our online donor plaque.

Note: Some portion of your membership fee may be tax deductible, depending on benefits you actually use. If you elect to waive all benefits your membership fee becomes fully tax deductible to extent permitted by law. In any case, please consult your tax advisor.


Take advantage of selected opportunities for giving to the Catherwood Library. Establish a book fund, endow a journal, fund a digital or preservation project, or set up a scholarship or fellowship.