LDI Welcomes Professor Ian M. Schmutte

April 2 - April 8 2013: We welcome Prof. Ian M. Schmutte as a Labor Dynamics Institute Visiting Professor. Prof. Schmutte will be collaborating with Prof. John M. Abowd full-time in the Spring 2013 semester on a joint project housed in the Census Bureau's network of Research Data Centers. The project, which uses the mathematical similarity between large-scale relational databases, random dynamic graph theory, and models of labor market search and matching to solve the problem of modeling the billions of employment events captured by these data, will lead to significant advances in both the economics and the computer science of this problem.

This research project is integral to our efforts to position the Labor Dynamics Institute as the world leader on research and applications of dynamically-linked employer-employee data.

Prof. Ian M. Schmutte's regular position is Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Terry College of Business, University of Georgia. Prof. Schmutte completed his Ph.D. in Economics at Cornell University in 2010.