The Hobby Lobby Decision: Its Impact on the Workplace

October 30, 2014, New York City

In Hobby Lobby, the Supreme Court interpreted the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) as providing new religious freedom rights to closely held corporations. How will the Federal RFRA and state RFRAs interact with the Title VII, ACA, NLRA, and state and local human rights laws that provide broader protection than the federal laws?

Since the decision, Hobby Lobby has been used by:

  • The National Right to Work Legal Defense and Education Fund to support Pacific Lutheran University's First Amendment challenge to a unionization election under the NLRA
  • A federal court judge in Utah to uphold a refusal to provide evidence by a witness in an investigation of alleged violation of child labor laws on religious grounds
  • The Supreme Court to grant a temporary injunction to Wheaton College, allowing it to refuse to sign forms to certify its exemption from providing contraceptives as part of its employee health plan

What are the implications of Hobby Lobby for employers, unions, and the rights of employees to be free from discrimination based on LGBT, gender, and religion? There are already many law suits in the pipeline. What do attorneys need to know to advise clients? Discuss these important issues with our experts:

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