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Karel Yon

Karel YonCountry of Origin: France
Visiting Period: February 4th - April 30th, 2013
Faculty Sponsor: Lowell Turner, Ph.D. 

Background & Previous Experience: Karel Yon is a CNRS researcher at Ceraps, the Lille Center for European Research on Administration, Politics and Society, University of Lille, North of France. After studying the organizational culture of the French trade union Force ouvrière, he co-directed research on labor education and union training, which is intended to understand the joint making of union activists and ideologies in the French labor movement. He has also achieved collective research for the French Ministry of Labor about the consequences of the 2008 reform of trade union recognition on union practices. He is now part of a collaborative project between academics and unionists which intends to draw public attention on the problem of state and employer repression against labor activism. Karel has taught various courses in sociology and political science including the sociology of trade unions and industrial relations at the Universities of Lille and Lyon.

Current Research at ILR: At the ILR School Karel visits as a Fulbright fellow and he intends to study labor organizing in the US, particularly the role actors from outside labor unions (academics, private consultants, social movement activists) play in defining legitimate repertoires of unionization. The history of the ILR School, and the recent launch of the Workers Institute, will thus be at the heart of his research activities.

- Karel Yon