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September 15 2013

Verena Krause, PhD '15


As a PhD student in Organizational Behavior in ILR, it is critical for me to publish my research and present it at conferences. I submitted a research paper which resulted in being accepted for presentation by the Organizational Behavior Division of the 13th annual Trans-Atlantic Doctoral Conference, which took place May 9-11, 2013 and was hosted by the London Business School in London, UK. This conference is one of a kind because it is put together by PhD students for PhD students. This allows for a much more relaxed atmosphere and more honest and engaging discussions. At this conference, I presented my research on how taking another person’s perspective can have negative effects on creative idea generation under cooperative, but not under competitive conditions. I presented to 20 fellow PhD students who gave me invaluable advice on where to take my research interest next.

The ILR summer travel grant allowed me the opportunity to participate in this conference and thus provided me with the experience of presenting original research to my peers and future colleagues. While at the conference, I met American and European scholars from other prestigious universities such as Columbia, NYU, and Cambridge among others, who share my research interests. The conference allowed me to meet fellow PhD students in a much more intimate setting than is the case at most other larger conferences. I attended a plethora of talks and symposia, which inspired new research ideas and collaborations with other PhD students. Furthermore, it gave me a sense of where our field is headed.

After returning from London, I told all my peers at ILR to apply to this superb conference in future years. I have attended another conference since then, a much bigger one consisting of thousands of attendees. Because of the tight bonds I was able to form at the Trans-Atlantic Doctoral Conference, I was able to connect with many of the other PhD students who I had met in London at this later conference. We continue to exchange research ideas and other valuable information about our field and the job market.

Publishing and presenting original research is the bread and butter of a researcher’s profession. Thus, presenting research in a formal setting to other scholars in my field is an integral part of my education at Cornell University. During my five years at Cornell, I hope to gain sufficient experience presenting my research at conferences so that I will be at ease when presenting my dissertation at other institutions. Having the opportunity to attend the Trans-Atlantic Doctoral Conference provided me with a sense that I am on the right track and that the education I am receiving at ILR is of superior quality.